One of the Family



Leslie Mitchell (pilot)

Franklin Engelmann


BBC-tv, pilot 3 August 1954 and probable special 30 August 1954 (see Trivia)

Series: 26 June to 17 July 1955 (4 episodes)


Panel game in which challengers were related to someone famous, and the panellists had to work out who.


This was one of a series of panel game pilots broadcast in the summer of 1954. The others were: Music, Music, Music!, Ask Your Dad, Change Partners, It's a Mystery, Once Upon a Time, Tall Story Club and Find the Link. At the end of the run, there were further editions of the three most popular; we know that two of them were Find the Link and Tall Story Club (the latter going straight to a series) and we suspect this was the other, but the Radio Times billing fails to identify the show.


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