Quick on the Draw



Bob Monkhouse (1974)

Rolf Harris (1975-7)

Bill Tidy (1978)

Michael Bentine (1979)


Diana Darvey (pilot)

Jan Rennison


Thames for ITV, 2 January 1974 to 22 November 1979 (approx. 60 episodes in 6 series)


Cartoonists (including the likes of Peter Maddocks, Willie Rushton, Humphrey Lyttelton and Bill Tidy, when he wasn't hosting) were asked to draw cartoons on a given subject, often involving puns. For example, asked to draw a song title, Rushton once drew a woman with warts all over her face - representing "Waltzing Matilda", i.e. "warts on Matilda". Well, you probably had to be there.


Comic book artist Denis Gifford, who was an old school friend of Monkhouse.


The final series was showing during summer 1979 when the ITV network came off air during a prolonged strike. We're not sure if any new episodes were shown when the channel returned in the autumn, and it's possible that some episodes were never shown.


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