Ready to Mingle



Katherine Ryan


Potato for ITV2, 6 to 25 September 2021 (19 episodes in 1 series)


An ITV press release said,

Hosted by comedian Katherine Ryan, the series will follow a single girl in the search for her perfect partner, as twelve male suitors compete for her affections and the chance to win a big money prize.
However, in a mischievous twist, not all the boys are single with a number of them being guided by their partners in pursuit of the prize. Taking up residence in a luxurious house, the single girl will get to know all the boys through activities, games and dates, eliminating each boy one-by-one until her "dream man" remains. Which boy will be left standing? Can she suss out who is the real deal? They may not all be single, but they’re all Ready to Mingle.

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Aired every weeknight at 9pm, a slot recently used by the very successful Love Island.

A recap of the week, Ready to Mingle: No Filter aired on Saturdays at 9pm.

Ratings were abysmal - the launch was watched live by 120,000 viewers (consolidating to 250,000 after a week on catchup). Its 25 September finale averaged 40,000 live viewers, the same number as a Channel 4 broadcast of an hour-long technical fault (i.e. a blank screen). The finale was followed by a The Reunion episode.

See also

True Love or True Lies, an earlier MTV series which threw couples together, except some were faking it.

Fool Around..., E4's 2004-5 attempt at the same basic concept.


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