This is My House



Stacey Dooley


Panellists: Emily Atack, Bill Bailey, Judi Love, Jamali Maddix (not episode five)


Expectation Entertainment, Bacon Media Corporation & Friends Night Inc for BBC One, 24 March 2021 to present


Four people all claim to be the real owners of a house, and a celebrity panel attempt to work out which one's telling the truth.

A simple format is the key to success.

The show divides into two parts. First forty minutes, we meet the four contestants. What brought them to this part of the country? What stories can they tell us about this room, this object? Everything is a potential clue. What sort of person would keep a corkscrew shaped like that, and which contestant is most like that sort of person?

What sort of person would decorate their living room like this?

Watching all of this unfold is the panel: four resident judges plus a guest each week. They're secreted away in a distant location, observing the contestants and commenting on their actions.

Watching them, watching us, watching them.

The resulting show is a cross between telly-watching documentary Gogglebox, fib-finding classic Tell the Truth, and home-snooping show Through the Keyhole.

Four contestants sat outside, on a night like this.

After spending so long with the contestants, the ending is almost rushed. Host Stacey Dooley has quick-fire questions for the contestants, about the home and the neighbourhood and the area. What's your takeaway meal? Where's it from? What's the local paper? Who are your neighbours? Best local friends? Nearest schools? What are the buses like?

The real player then chooses one of the others to eliminate as their closest rival. The judging panel discuss amongst themselves, put a question to each of the contestants, and pick their winner.

Host Stacey Dooley with the judges.

Whoever gets picked - real or fake - wins the show's prize of £1000. It's pleasant to win such an amount, but it's not lifechanging money like they had on Bank Balance. Because the stakes are relatively low, there's no reason for bad feeling to grow.

This is My House is a hugely watchable programme. Even if we've got it on as background telly, we can't help but get drawn in and playing along. And it might be trashy, but it's such compelling viewing.


Nick Weidenfeld and Richard Bacon

Theme music

My House by Flo Rida.


The first three episodes on Wednesdays at 9pm, while the last three aired at 9pm on Thursdays.

Each week, the judges were joined by a guest judge; in the first series, these were Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, Rob Rinder, Jimmy Carr, Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams, Joe Sugg, and Katie Piper. Jamali Maddix was missing from episode five, and so was replaced by Richard Madeley.

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