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Sarah Kennedy began her broadcasting career with British Forces Broadcasting in Singapore before joining Radio 2 in 1976. In 1980 she became a newsreader for Southern TV and went on to present shows including Animal Roadshow (and a later ITV equivalent, "Animal Country", both of them with Desmond Morris) and 1983's ill-fated Nationwide replacement, Sixty Minutes. She returned to Radio 2 in 1992, taking up the early morning pre-breakfast-show where she remained until 2010, when she took a holiday and never came back, leaving the slot to be taken over by Vanessa Feltz.


She coined the term "white van man". For the benefit of readers unfamiliar with modern British slang, a "white van man" is a man who drives a white van.

Kennedy features in a clip that has been shown on "Before They Were Famous", not as the subject, but hosting a mid-80's daytime chat and discussion show. In this particular edition, there are a number of children in the studio and Kennedy finds out that one of them is very much into football - a young David Beckham, no less. At this point, Kennedy rather brusquely orders the other children to clear some space for the lad and he duly demonstrates his 'keepie-up' skills, although he manages to kick another boy in the process (accidentally, we can only hope).

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