Say the Word (1)



Fielden Hughes


Resident panellists: Ruth Drew, Daisy Pain and Sam Pollock (series 2), Molly Dawson, Kevin FitzGerald, Evelyn Gibbs and Sam Pollock (series 3)


BBC Light Programme, 6 October 1951 to 22 September 1952 (3 series)


Various word games. The format changed a bit between series: in the first, the show travelled around the country and a local team faced questions from the audience. The second had a resident team of three who were joined by one additional panellist from wherever they were recording, and the third simply had two resident teams playing against each other.

Each episode also had a guest "word expert" in the dictionary corner style, often people known from other panel shows such as Lionel Gamlin, Gilbert Harding, Anona Winn, etc.


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