Shane Richie


Shane Roche, as his parents know him, started out in entertainment as a bluecoat, but it wasn't long before the bright lights of Places Other Than Pontins started calling to him. He put together an act, adopted the name Shane Skywalker, realised that was a terrible name and ditched it, and started winning awards for his stand-up. Run the Risk was an early foray into television, and served as a springboard into adult telly. And secured him those all-important washing powder commercials.

He bounced back from the high-profile failure of The Shane Richie Experience with success in stage musicals, which led on to more TV acting roles, including Alfie Moon in EastEnders, thanks to which he's become one of the country's best-loved actor-entertainer types.


His son, Jake, was the lead singer of Rixton, who had a #1 hit with Me and My Broken Heart.

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