Star Town



Terry Wogan


BBC Manchester for BBC1, 22 October to 23 December 1978 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Hrrnk! If we haven't just dredged up another El Tel format from the Seventies. Wogan, who really ought to know better, fronts this re-hashed version of Top Town but - and here's the twist - each town being represented by a celebrity. We've listed the talent below you give you some idea of the superstardom involved.

Group "Hear and Now" regale us with their talent

Each match-up in the first knock-out round saw two of the eight participating towns put up the cream of their talent, and - in the Eurovision style - the other cities would give votes by a spokesperson on a telephone.

And for 50 blanks it was... Leeds

Celebrity captains

Blackpool - Tessie O'Shea
Leeds - Eddie Waring
Morecambe - Thora Hird
Edinburgh - Janet Brown
Bristol - Leslie Crowther, Acker Bilk*
Coventry - Stanley Unwin
Cardiff - Stan Stennett
Blackpool - Les Dawson, Tessie O'Shea*

  • For some bizarre reason, the celebs changed for the second semi-final.


El Tel: "I used to do that programme completely cream crackered. I finished the morning radio show, get into a car, go all the way up to Manchester, record the programme, leave Manchester at about two o'clock in the morning and get back, and get up at five o'clock in the morning to do the radio show."

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The tension mounts as scoring is finalised
The scoreboard in full
Accordion boy
Leeds are the winners this week


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