Steve Jones (1)




The Big Big Talent Show (voiceover)

Eurovision Song Contest (commentator; radio)


The Other Half (announcer)

The Pyramid Game

Sale of the Century (host, 1981 celebrity special)

Search for a Star

The Steve Jones Games Show

Take Your Pick (announcer)


In the 1960s, he began a musical career as the bassist for skiffle king Lonnie Donegan. Thereafter he formed an unlikely-sounding group by the name of Hunt, Lunt & Cunningham. He was talent spotted while plugging his own records at Radio 1 and became a DJ there by accident. Despite never getting a permanent show there, he had successful stints on Radio 2, Radio Clyde and LBC.

His voice can be heard over many awards ceremonies, particularly the Comedy Awards.


Not to be confused with the Sex Pistols guitarist, nor indeed with the Welsh TV host.

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