Street Dance Stars



Alesha Dixon


Judges: Kenrick Sandy, Lizzie Gough, Turbo (Isaac Baptiste)

Mentors: Perri Luc Kiely, Jordan Banjo


CBBC, 22 August 2011 to 30 August 2013 (30 episodes in 3 series)


With the guidance of Perri Luc Kiely and Jordan Banjo (Diversity) to help them, street dance groups, comprised of members ages 10-16, compete in front of judges Kenrick Sandy (Laurence Olivier-award winning choreographer), Lizzie Gough (So You Think You Can Dance finalist), and Turbo (Got to Dance finalist) for a 'money can't buy' prize. A series of nationwide auditions leads to 24 groups being selected to compete in the qualifiers. These qualifiers reduce the numbers to 15 groups to compete in the heats. These heats narrow the field still further to just nine groups who compete in the semi-finals. The numbers are reduced one more time as a result of the semi-finals, leaving three groups to compete in the grand final, for the chance to be crowned the winners.

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2011: Lil Diamonds
2012: Future Pride
2013: Unity Youth

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