Johnny Ball


Endemol UK Productions for Channel 5, 5 to 30 August 2002 (11 episodes in 1 series)


An unassuming little show expanding on one of the best ideas in The Syndicate, namely having to bone up on someone else's specialist subject. Two contestants swapped specialist subjects at the start and then had two days to learn all they could on the subject they had been given, with the help of an outside expert and access to specialist books, CD-ROM and t'Interweb. They then faced ten questions, worth between one and ten points (the questions being rated in order of difficulty by the opponent whose specialism they were on), and the contestant with the most points won. Not the most spectacular of shows, and questionmaster Johnny Ball was somewhat wasted (he didn't even appear in person, just as a disembodied head on a TV screen), but it was a nice idea all the same.


File:Swapheads johnnyball titlecard.jpgJohnny's attempt at holding a question card.

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