Sweet and Sassy




Play To Win TV, 16 March to 15 April 2007


Coming to you from the somewhat twisted minds of whoever was responsible for The Great Big British Quiz, Sweet and Sassy was an attempt to create a more mature, late night version of such shows like The Mint and Quizmania. (In other words, patronise the viewers into thinking that the presenters were in love with them - chortle, chortle).

Did it succeed? Well, think about it. This was around the time when the ITV Play channel was closed down, such programmes were being suspended because of the OFCOM/ISCTIS investigation into TV phone-ins and Debbie King was writing herself into the history books for the shortest TV series ever to be aired on British television. I don't think it did myself.

In fact, it didn't deserve to succeed because it carried one significant tagline throughout it's course of 32 programmes - tacky. And everyone who wasn't involved with it agreed. Well, apart from quiz TV fansite QuizTelly.com who for no apparent reason decided to drum up support for the show with consistent publicity over the course of a week. They failed. 'S&S' was suspended (the new tagline for axing premium-rate quiz shows) for good on Saturday 15th April 2007. I feel much better already.


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