Tarby's Frame Game



Jimmy Tarbuck


Hostess: Sharon Moulden

Voiceover: Tony Schaeffer


Yorkshire Television for ITV, 24 May 1987 to 1989?


Sunday evening show where the main point was to work out a missing link between two words like this: GREEN ----- PARTY, where the missing word is HOUSE, Greenhouse and House Party. So bog-standard it hurts.

There were three chances to guess the missing word in a frame, for 30, 20 and 10 points. The missing word in each case was the same, but they got gradually easier as the points dropped.

The end game was quite clever though, one member of the couple gets the middle words and has to construct the frame around it, their partner then has to guess the middle words from the words their partner has given them. If they got all five frames, they'd win a big prize; there'd be a half-decent consolation if not.


The credits say "Presented in assocation with Bernstein/Hovis Productions, Columbia Pictures Television and Action Time". So there you go.

Theme music

Composed by Glen Mason and Derek Austin.

Opening titles


A high scoring game in progress

The final round's quite clever, actually.


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