The Best Possible Taste



Voiceover: Liza Tarbuck


Designers: Alex and Danielle Proud


12 Yard for BBC Two, 21 June 2007


12 Yard go all "lifestyle" on us. A couple each decorate one of two replicas of their room, aided by two 'design therapists' (confusingly also married). Three other couples judge, and the first the two hear of who's won is when they go home and see the winning design in their real room.

And it's not bad. There's an interesting process going on whereby contestants start by going all out for their own choices and gradually temper them in the interests of winning the competition, the interaction between the experts and the contestants is good, a neatly constructed format means the last twenty minutes provide not just one, but a whole series of "reveals", and the whole thing generally has an air of being made by people who know what they're doing and how to do it.

Image:Best possible taste the prouds.jpgThey're the Prouds, and they work with houses. No chance of a pun there, then.

It wouldn't surprise us if this went to a series, as it's the sort of lifestyle show that could easily engage a cultish audience in the same way that Come Dine with Me has done. The major problem is that people have got a bit tired of interior design shows (indeed, as far as primetime goes, the genre has pretty much burnt itself out) and maybe it's a bit soon to launch something like this.


Jim Cannon, Andy Culpin, Sam Pollard and David Young


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