The Brain Drain



Jimmy Mulville


Regular panellists: Tony Hawks and Jo Brand (1993)


Hat Trick Productions for BBC2, 19 September 1992 to 13 August 1993 (14 episodes in 2 series)


Hat Trick love-in, crossing the creators of Whose Line is it Anyway? with the format of Have I Got News for You with Question Time and probably lots of other shows with question marks involved. The panel of comedians answered questions from the audience, some of whom were also celebs. In series one an arbitrary winner was announced with a joke prize, but in series two they didn't bother.

Regular guests included Sandi Toksvig, Pete McCarthy, Andy Hamilton, Stephen Frost and (once) that well-known stand-up comedian Annabel Croft?!


Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson

Theme music

Matthew Scott


The opening titles were made by Triffic Films.

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Opening titles from the BBC Motion Graphics Archive

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