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Comedian, songwriter and all-round funny chap, Tony Hawks is possibly best known for writing the controversial spoof record Stutter Rap which, under the title of Morris Minor and the Majors, reached the dizzy heights of #4 in the UK charts in 1987. A BBC sitcom followed.

His first book, Round Ireland With a Fridge, was a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin comedy travelogue which sold bucketloads, paving the way for similar other titles. He is a regular contributor to panel games on TV and particularly BBC Radio 4.


He is co-founder of the Tennis For Free campaign [1].

He constantly gets emails from 11-year-old grungy teens from Brooklyn assuming him to be skateboarding legend Tony Hawk (singular). The confusion prompted Hawks to take Hawk as his specialised subject on Celebrity Mastermind... and eventually publish The A to Z of Skateboarding compiling some of the "bogus and downright silly" advice he'd sent back to confused boarders over the years. The book has his photo on the cover along with the description "definitely NOT Tony Hawk" and splashes making reference to Round Ireland With a Fridge and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, so if anyone mistakes it for a serious skateboarding book it's because they really weren't paying attention.

He could have avoided such confusion if he'd stuck to his original surname, Hawksworth. We're guessing it's an Equity thing.

Like Ainsley Harriott, he has had involvement with the BBC sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf - he was the studio warm-up for the first three series and, since he was there anyway, got roped in to do various bit-parts.


Round Ireland With A Fridge (book) / (tape)

Playing The Moldovans At Tennis (book) / (tape)

One Hit Wonderland (book) / (tape)


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