The Great British Test



Neil Fox and Gabby Logan


Ben Shephard


Granada for ITV1, 20 January 2004 to 5 February 2005


Following the Beeb's success with Test the Nation, ITV1 attempted to get in on the act with this show, based on an older but similar French format. The first one was a spoiler for a planned TTN about driving, and the second looked suspiciously like a spoiler for Hard Spell.

Episode list

20 January 2004 The Great British Driving Test
20 October 2004 The Great British Spelling Test
13 November 2004 The Great British Pop Test
5 February 2005 The Great British Memory Test
Image:Great_british_presenters.jpg Foxy and Logan - together at last!!!


Adapted from the international format "Big Exams" devised by WAI TV.

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