This Time Tomorrow



Tess Daly


Alan Dedicoat (voiceover)


BBC Scotland for BBC One, 5 July to 23 August 2008 (8 episodes in 1 series)


A National Lottery game show with wow-factor prizes, presented by Tess Daly. The pre-publicity concentrated on the prize (things that contestants could be enjoying within 24 hours, hence the name) and the fact that the show's made in Scotland, rather than what actually happens in it.

Ten players gather, and are selected by a quasi-random method (a bloke picking suitcases off a carousel). The airport imagery continues through the show: contestants are described as progressing down a runway to the departure point, by answering questions correctly. If they win a prize, they have a chance to upgrade it; if they do, the contestant waits in the golden lounge while a member of the studio audience uses their boarding pass (a glorified lucky dip ticket) to win the prize.

Theme music

Andrew Harris

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Tess Daly modelling on top on a bunch on suitcases, which are apparently empty.

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