Top Town



Peter West (1954-60)

Stuart Hall (1987)


BBC-tv, 1954-60 (c.1958-60 as Top Town Tournament)

BBC2 North West, 2 October to 20 November 1987 (8 episodes)


Talent competition with a It's a Knockout-style twist of two towns competing against each other, the whole caboodle culminating in a final to crown the UK's "Top Town". How proud they must have been. In the early series, a panel of judges simply announced the winning town at the end, but later on there was a proper scoring system in which each act received points out of five, the town with the higher cumulative total winning.

The programme appears to have been briefly revived in 1987 for some reason. Maybe to give Stuart Hall something to laugh about?


Claire Sweeney made one of her first television appearances on the revivial show, singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow with very bad hair.

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