Wheel of Fortune (1)



Michael Miles


Announcer: Bob Danvers-Walker

Organist: Harold Smart


Southern for ITV, 20 September 1969 to 8 January 1971 (53 episodes in 2 series)


Michael Miles invites members of the audience to spin the wheel or take the money in the game of exciting prizes and surprises. The show ended in 1971 because of Miles' death on 18th February.


Miles's Take Your Pick had been killed off in 1968, so this was his big comeback, even so far as to take Pick announcer Bob Danvers-Walker with him. It ended due to Miles' 1971 death.

Wheel of Fortune was one of the very first Southern Television productions in colour, produced from the then new studios beside the River Itchen at Northam in Southampton.

According to a former contestant's account in The Dream Factory (a 2004 book to mark the closure of the Northam studios), the wheel was in fact rigged. Thus, the two people controlling the wheel backstage decided the contestant would lose out on a food mixer and a year's supply of eggs.


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