When Will I be Famous?



Graham Norton


Judges: Dave Spikey, Max Clifford and Chuck Harris


BBC One, 3 to 24 February 2007 (4 episodes in 1 series)


Live Saturday night old skool talent show, knocked up by the Beeb to spoiler a similar ITV/Simon Cowell format that was also in the works.

Each week Graham Norton asks eight acts to perform. Two acts face off against each other, three celebrity critics give their opinion, and then 101 Armchair Judges dotted around the country decide which one is best and goes through to the public vote. The winner of the public vote each evening wins £10,000.

There is also a section called Graham's Sideshow, featuring some of the more questionably talented individuals who have auditioned.

Regarding the interactivity, in 1985's The Fame Game, 1000 families could use telephone lines to vote for which performers they wanted to boot off the screen. 22 years later, with a wealth of new telecommunications at our disposal, a mere 101 home viewers can do the same thing. And they call this progress?

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