Caron Keating (non-broadcast TV pilot)

Johnnie Walker (radio version)

Russ Williams (TV version: 1997)

Neil Fox (TV version: 1998)


Team captains (Radio):
Toyah Willcox and Jeffrey Holland (1996)
Jeremy Hardy and Helen Lederer (1997)


Celador for BBC Radio 2, 6 December 1996 to 21 August 1997 (15 episodes in 2 series)

Celador for Channel 5, 13 April 1997 to 1998


Celebrity teams answer questions about music, sport, cinema, television, current affairs and general knowledge from the fifties, sixties and seventies.

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Theme music

Keith Strachan


A TV pilot was made in 1991 as The Wowfabgroovy Show with Caron Keating as host with guests June Whitfield, Valerie Singleton, Barbara Dickson, Alan Freeman, Alvin Stardust and Richard O'Brien. The set was later reused and brightened up for Celdaor's other show called Crazy Comparisons.


Image:Wowfabgroovy_group.jpg Panel with Foxy


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