Your Room or Mine?



Fiona Clarke (narrator)


Gobstopper for Channel 4, 7 October to 1 November 2019 (20 episodes in 1 series)


Four pairs of amateur interior designers want to make over a room in their house. Rather than design the room themselves, they'll open the job out to competition. The other pairs of designers will put forward their plans, within budget and size.

And rather than draw mock-ups on paper or computer screen, they'll make a real-life vision of how they'd like the room to look. Our contenders use real paint, real carpet, real decorations, and real furniture provided by commercial sponsor Hillary's. The chosen design is made into reality, and the designers paid £250 for their inspiration.

One full-sized mockup of a new living room.

The week is five days long, and there's a Friday final. All four teams work on a different room in one client's house. Bigger budget, and much bigger reward - a cool £1000 for the winning couple.

Your Room or Mine uses many familiar tropes: a sarcastic voiceover (provided by Fiona Clarke), confessional pieces filmed after the main event, colour-coding the teams for people only half-watching the show. It's an interesting show, but it lacks the human warmth of other shows in this slot like Come Dine with Me.

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