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<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg|New Shows]]</div>
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg|New Shows]]</div>
[[I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue]] series 76: Radio 4, 29 November<br>
[[Killer Camp]] series 2: ITV2, 29 November<br>
[[Walk the Line]]: ITV, 12 December<br>
[[Walk the Line]]: ITV, 12 December<br>
[[I Literally Just Told You]]: Channel 4, 16 December<br>
[[I Literally Just Told You]]: Channel 4, 16 December<br>
[[Rolling in It]] Christmas special: ITV, 18 December<br>
[[The Weakest Link]]: BBC1, 18 December<br>
[[The Weakest Link]]: BBC1, 18 December<br>
[[Saturday Night Line Up]] Christmas special: ITV, 18 December<br>
Christmas [[University Challenge]] 2021: BBC2, 20 December<br>
[[The Big Quiz (2)]] 2021: ITV, 20 December<br>
[[Masterchef Goes Large|Celebrity Masterchef Cook Off]]: BBC1, 21 and 23 December<br>
[[The Great British Sewing Bee]] celebrity edition: BBC1, 22 December<br>
[[Scotland's Home of the Year|Scotland's Christmas Home of the Year]]: BBC Scotland, 22 December<br>
Christmas [[Dinner Date]]: ITVBe, 22 December<br>
[[The Wall]] Versus Celebrities: BBC1, 23 December<br>
Alan Carr's [[Epic Gameshow]] Christmas edition: ITV, 23 December<br>
[[The Cube]] celebrity edition: ITV, 23 December<br>
[[Tipping Point]] Lucky Stars: ITV, 24 December<br>
[[The Chase]] Celebrities: ITV, 24 December<br>
[[Un Cwestiwn]] Selebs: S4C, 24 December<br>
[[The Greatest Snowman]]: Channel 4, 24 December<br>
[[I Can See Your Voice]] at Christmas: BBC1, 24 December<br>
[[8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown]] Christmas special: Channel 4, 24 December

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Poll of the Year 2020 - Results Sunday!
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Impact of Covid-19
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New Shows

Walk the Line: ITV, 12 December
I Literally Just Told You: Channel 4, 16 December
Rolling in It Christmas special: ITV, 18 December
The Weakest Link: BBC1, 18 December
Saturday Night Line Up Christmas special: ITV, 18 December
Christmas University Challenge 2021: BBC2, 20 December
The Big Quiz (2) 2021: ITV, 20 December
Celebrity Masterchef Cook Off: BBC1, 21 and 23 December
The Great British Sewing Bee celebrity edition: BBC1, 22 December
Scotland's Christmas Home of the Year: BBC Scotland, 22 December
Christmas Dinner Date: ITVBe, 22 December
The Wall Versus Celebrities: BBC1, 23 December
Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow Christmas edition: ITV, 23 December
The Cube celebrity edition: ITV, 23 December
Tipping Point Lucky Stars: ITV, 24 December
The Chase Celebrities: ITV, 24 December
Un Cwestiwn Selebs: S4C, 24 December
The Greatest Snowman: Channel 4, 24 December
I Can See Your Voice at Christmas: BBC1, 24 December
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Christmas special: Channel 4, 24 December


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University Challenge
18 August New University Challenge host announced
Amol Rajan is to be the new host of University Challenge and will begin filming in January. The latest series, beginning this month, will be the last hosted by Jeremy Paxman who is standing down after 28 years.

Pop Idol
16 August Darius Danesh
Singer-songwriter Darius Danesh has died at the age of 41. He rose to fame performing Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" at the auditions on Popstars before finishing third in the first series of Pop Idol, and also won the first series of Popstar to Operastar. Also known as Darius Campbell, he went on to a successful career in musical theatre.

Duggie Brown
16 August Duggie Brown
The death has been announced of Duggie Brown, aged 82. He was best known as a comedian and actor, but also hosted Radio 2's Free Spin and was a regular on 3-2-1.

Jeremy Paxman
16 August And it's goodbye from me... goodbye!
Jeremy Paxman is to stand down as host of University Challenge after 28 years. Paxman will film his final episodes in the autumn for broadcast next year. His successor is expected to be announced later this week.

Mock the Week
2 August No More Mocking This Week, Next Week, The Week After or Any Week
The BBC has announced that it is to axe Mock the Week after 17 years. The twenty-first and final series will run for eight episodes in the autumn.

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