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(In the pipeline: Repeats of "A League of Their Own" on Sky at 8 and 11 next Mon, no "Duck Quacks" at all,)
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==In the pipeline==
==In the pipeline==
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg]]</div>
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg]]</div>
[[Alphabetical]]: ITV, 15 August<br>
[[Spotless]]: ITV, 20 August<br>
[[Spotless]]: ITV, 20 August<br>
[[Think Tank (3)|Think Tank]] series 2: BBC1, 22 August<br>
[[Think Tank (3)|Think Tank]] series 2: BBC1, 22 August<br>
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[[500 Questions]]: ITV, 22 August<br>
[[500 Questions]]: ITV, 22 August<br>
[[Make Me an Egghead]]: BBC2, 22 August<br>
[[Make Me an Egghead]]: BBC2, 22 August<br>
[[Four Rooms|Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms]]: More4, 22 August<br>
[[The Great British Bake Off]] 2016: BBC1, 24 August<br>
[[The Great British Bake Off]] 2016: BBC1, 24 August<br>
[[Go for It]]: ITV, 27 August<br>
[[Go for It]]: ITV, 27 August<br>
[[The X Factor]] series 13: ITV, 27 August<br>
[[The X Factor]] series 13: ITV, 27 August<br>
[[Duck Quacks Don't Echo]] series 5: Sky 1, 29 August<br>
[[Great British Menu]] 2016: BBC2, 29 August<br>
[[All Together Now The Great Orchestra Challenge]]: BBC4, 30 August<br>
[[Celwydd Noeth]] series 3: S4C, 1 September<br>
[[Would I Lie to You? (2)|Would I Lie to You?]] series 10: BBC1, 2 September<br>
[[Would I Lie to You? (2)|Would I Lie to You?]] series 10: BBC1, 2 September<br>
[[Go 8 Bit]]: Dave, 5 September
[[Go 8 Bit]]: Dave, 5 September

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File:Square New Shows.jpg

Spotless: ITV, 20 August
Think Tank series 2: BBC1, 22 August
Debatable: BBC2, 22 August
500 Questions: ITV, 22 August
Make Me an Egghead: BBC2, 22 August
Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms: More4, 22 August
The Great British Bake Off 2016: BBC1, 24 August
Go for It: ITV, 27 August
The X Factor series 13: ITV, 27 August
Great British Menu 2016: BBC2, 29 August
All Together Now The Great Orchestra Challenge: BBC4, 30 August
Celwydd Noeth series 3: S4C, 1 September
Would I Lie to You? series 10: BBC1, 2 September
Go 8 Bit: Dave, 5 September

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22 August BLANK Me One More Time
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Deal or No Deal
19 August Deal Me Out
Channel 4 announced today that Deal or No Deal has been axed after being on the screens for 11 years and airing over 3,000 episodes. The final series will air in autumn 2016.

Blankety Blank
15 August ReBLANKED
A piece in the Sunday People claimed that ITV wanted to make another series of Blankety Blank. We've not been able to confirm that ITV has commissioned a series, as the broadcaster has not commented on the speculation.

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1 June Meet the new judges, same as the old judges
Louis Walsh! Sharon Osbourne! Simon Cowell! Nicole Scherzinger! The judging panel for The X Factor has been announced, and the names have bags of experience. With Dermot O'Leary back as host, this year's show takes us back to the glory days of 2013, and with no Gary Barlow.

5 May CJ de Mooi on the move again
CJ de Mooi will leave the Eggheads panel and move to South Africa. CJ, one of the original Eggheads, left the programme between 2012 and 2014. He will be replaced by two new Eggheads who will be found in a televised quiz.

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