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One question you almost certainly haven't been asking yourself is "What are the 100 most popular articles on this site?". Well, tough, because we have and you can see the result of our Greatest Game Shows - it lists stalwarts like The Crystal Maze and Interceptor to surprises such as Kate Thornton's Dishes. Who knew?

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While is (even if we say so ourselves) the most comprehensive guide to the genre anywhere on - or off - the web, with over 2100 programmes already in our database it is inevitable that even we're stumped sometimes. So we're asking for your help. A number of our "most wanted" shows are now listed here and a team of volunteers is standing by, waiting to add your contributions to our compendium of game show knowledge. Go on, help us out. It's what Mumsy would want.

In the pipeline

University Challenge

Winter Wipeout: BBC1, 17 December
Home for the Holidays: Channel 4, 18 December
Celebrity University Challenge: BBC2, 19 December
Who Wants to be a Millionaire celebrity Christmas special: ITV, 19 December
Giants Live 2011: Channel 5, 20 December
Superscot: The Return!: BBC Radio Scotland, 25 December
It's Your Round series 2: Radio 4, 25 December
Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special: BBC1, 25 December
The Unbelievable Truth: Radio 4, 26 December
Celebrity Mastermind: BBC1, 27 December
World's Strongest Man 2011: Channel 5, 27 December
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2011: Channel 4, 27 December
Fort Boyard - Ultimate Challenge: ITV, 1 January 2012
Got to Dance series 3: Sky1, 1 January
Perfection series 2: BBC2, 2 January
Only Connect Champion of Champion of Champions: BBC4, 2 January
The Bank Job: Channel 4, 2 January
The Chase series 5: ITV, 3 January
Who Wants to be a Millionaire celebrity New Year's special: ITV, 3 January
The Biggest Loser series 5: ITV, 3 January
Gleusta: BBC Alba, 5 January
Celebrity Big Brother series 9: Channel 5, 5 January
Take Me Out series 3: ITV, 7 January
The Magicians series 2: BBC1, 7 January
The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins series 5: BBC1, 7 January
Dancing on Ice series 7: ITV, 8 January

See also the Coming up section on the New Shows page.


Featured Show

Call My Bluff

Game show news

1 December Eggheads crack
C J de Mooi, the curly-haired one, has announced he's leaving Eggheads. In a brief statement, he said "I'm acting full time now and that's what I want to pursue."

16 November Countdown to Nick Hewer: You're Hired
One of Alan Sugar's henchmen from The Apprentice will be the new host of Countdown. Nick Hewer will host the parlour game from the start of 2012, and said in a Channel 4 press release, "It's particularly fitting that I should be doing this now as my spelling has started to slip quite badly. I used to be able spell chrysanthemum."

Shooting Stars
15 November Uvavu! Shooting Stars axed
The BBC has confirmed that is has cancelled long-running comedy panel show Shooting Stars. Hosted by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, the programme first appeared on TV screens in 1993, and despite two hiatuses in the time since, has racked up over 70 episodes of anarchic fun.

Weakest Link
22 April Goodbye... and this time, she means it
Anne Robinson is quitting Weakest Link and will not be replaced, bringing the show to an end next spring. Robinson is stepping down to devote more time to writing. She will continue with her other programmes including Watchdog.

Big Brother
5 April Big Brother is getting back to you
Channel 5 have signed a £200m, two-year deal with rights holder Endemol which will see the reality show, and its celebrity spin-off, return to UK screens from August 2011.

3 March QI goes home
It has been announced that QI will be returning to its original home of BBC Two for the next series. Producer John Lloyd said, "QI did very well in the ratings on BBC One but we thought we ought to give Coronation Street a fighting chance."

Award Winners
1 March RTS awards
The nominations for this year's Royal Television Society Awards are in. The major game show category is "Best Entertainment", with The X Factor, The Million Pound Drop Live and The Cube battling it out. Also up for awards are Deal or No Deal (Daytime and Early Peak), The Great British Bake Off (Lifestyle and Features) and inevitably Ant & Dec (Best Entertainment Performance).

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