Paul Ross

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All Over the Shop

Amoebas to Zebras (non-broadcast pilot)

The Big Breakfast

Celebrity Fit Club (participant)

Comic Relief Does Fame Academy (participant)

Endurance UK

It's Anybody's Guess


Life's a Punt

Mind the Gap

Mystic Challenge

No Win, No Fee

A Slice of the Action

Splash! (participant)



You Don't Say


Paul is the other Ross that occasionally pops up in front of the cameras, although lord knows how many others in the Ross clan lurk behind the scenes.

For two series, he was editor of the outrageous Channel 4 yoof show The Word.

Paul trained as a journalist, and most of his early TV experience involved covering and editing popular news and current affairs stories. He likes early mornings, and has presented breakfast radio for independent station LBC, for the BBC in London, and for national station Talk Radio.


Paul owns a copy of every Frank Sinatra record ever made.

Once hosted a talk show with Natasha Kaplinsky as the sidekick.

He is the brother of Jonathan Ross and brother-in-law to Amanda Ross.

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