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== Shows ==
== Shows ==
[[Let's Dance for Sport Relief]] (participant)
[[Only Fools On Horses]] (participant)
[[Only Fools On Horses]] (participant)

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Let's Dance for Sport Relief (participant)

Only Fools On Horses (participant)

On the Spot (location reporter)


Treasure Hunt (skyrunner)


Wolverhampton-born Suzi studied business administration at university, but wound up working as a model in Japan before returning to the UK to present motorbike reports for Sky Sports. Nowadays she's the face of the BBC's Superbikes coverage, and has also presented a variety of shows including City Hospital and The Gadget Show.


To be completed


Hilary Knight Management, Grange Farm, Church Lane, Old Northampton, NN6 9QZ

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Suzi's website


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