Only Fools On Horses



Angus Deayton and Kirsty Gallacher


Commentator: Mike Tucker (with Clare Balding on later shows)

BBC Three coverage: June Sarpong and Dave Berry

Trainer: Tim Stockdale

Judges: Robert Smith, Jessica Kurten and Jodie Kidd


Endemol UK (for Comic Relief) BBC1, 7 to 14 July 2006


12 celebrities learn showjumping in aid of Sport Relief and are voted off day by day.

The nuts 'n' bolts of the show were as per Strictly Come Dancing and its imitators, distinguished mainly by an almost psychopathic determination to employ every single reality show elimination mechanic ever devised (scores on the night plus audience votes; judges' vote-to-save; "jump-off" without voting; other contestants' vote-to-save; straight audience vote) in dizzying succession over the course of a 25-minute results show. The main problem was that we've seen any number of similar series in the last few years and though this was yet another perfectly solid addition to the genre, it was nothing more than that.



Duncan Bannatyne of Dragons' Den was originally to have taken part, but broke his elbow during training. Comedian Felix Dexter also had to pull out after injury, and was replaced by Josie d'Arby.

When challenged by a Radio Five listener that Only Fools On Horses was simply ripping off The Games (another Endemol format, to be fair), BBC chairman Michael Grade replied: "I haven't seen it. What's it about?"

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BBC Only Fools on Horses page


The series champion. Expect to see her in the Celeb BB house next year.


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