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That Puppet Game Show comes to BBC1 (6.45 Sat), with a stuffed Jonathan Ross and a real talking crab. Fans of real fire-breathers will want Dragons' Den (BBC2, 8pm Sun). Just a Minute (Radio 4, 6.30 Mon) and Girlfri3nds (ITV2, 9pm Wed) return, and Challenge's latest novel import is Killer Karaoke (10pm Thu). No-one will actually be killed.

Schedules subject to change.

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Saturday 10 August

0830ITVDinner Date
1115BBC2University ChallengeRepeat from Monday.
1228Rad4The News Quiz
1240ITVMr and Mrs, Miss, or Mr
1455TG4Total Wipe Us Out
1530TV5Questions Pour un Champion
1610C4Come Dine with Me x4Lincolnshire.
1655CITVJungle Run
1725TV5Fort BoyardRebecca Hampton, Patrick Pelloux, Régis Mailhot, Ariane Brodier, Myriam Lamare, Freddy.
1845BBC1That Puppet Game Show New!This week's stuffed animals are Jonathan Ross and Katherine Jenkins.
1930BBC1I Love My CountryWith Chelsee Healey, Johnnee Peacock, Chrissee Bleakly, Melanee C, Larree Lamb, and Lennee Goodman.
2000TV3The Cube
2020BBC1Break the SafeWith twenty-eight minutes until Hermione cracks the maze, it's time for round two.
2020RTE1The Big Money GameRepeated 1250 tomorrow.
2200C5Big BrotherFollowed by the spinoff avoiding the paintball park: Bit on the Psyche at 2300.
2210BBC2QI XLInventive. NI 2340.
2300Rad4Quote Unquote

Sunday 11

0945WTCHJunior Masterchef Australia
1000CBBCTotal Wipeout
1204Rad4I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
1215ITV2Britain's Got Talent Us x2
1235C5Big Brother Bit on the Side: Rylan's Supersized Celebrity Sunday
1335BBC1Bargain Hunt
1400C4Deal or No DealAudioD.
1525Mor4Come Dine With Me x5Glasgow.
1655CITVJungle Run
1900ITVTipping Point Lucky StarsStanton Blues star Sue Cleaver, The Hwb presenter Matt Johnson, top rower Anna Watkins.
1900RLLYMasterchef Australia
1930BBC1Celebrity MastermindUnless it's another dummy listing to be replaced by The Great British Bake Off launch with Bob Roberts.
2000ITVAll-Star Mr and Mrs, Miss, or MrChildren's Ward star Jane Danson and Rob Beck; Tipping Point winner Colin Baker and Marion Baker; animal expert Michaela Strachan and Nick Chevallier.
2000DAVEHave I Got News for You Night
2000BBC2Dragons' Den New!
2100C5Big Brother
2130RTE1Celebrity Masterchef Ireland
2225BBC1Room 101 Extra StorageScotland 2310.
22454MUS8 Out of 10 Cats
2305BBC1That Puppet Game ShowA strange post-pub slot. Scotland 2350.

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0900CBBCComic Relief Does Glee Club
1200DAVETotal Wipe Us Out
1215BBC1Bargain HuntSome episodes SD. Also BBC2 0730.
1230ITVTipping Point
1330BBC2The Weakest LinkRepeats from 2002. SD. Not Tu.
1415BBC2Classic MastermindThe 2006 series. SD. Not Wales.
1500ITVSecret Dealers
1510C4CountdownGloria Hunniford.
1530TV5 Questions Pour un Champion
1600C4Deal or No DealAudioD.
1700C4Come Dine With MeHour-long repeats.
1700ITVTake on the Twisters
1800NICKFigure it Out
1800RLLYThree in a Bed
1900RLLYMasterchef AustraliaAlso RTE1 at 0945.
2025S4C100 O Blant New!A week of the family game show.
2200C5Big BrotherBit on the Side follows at 2300. Mo, We 2100, not Fr.

Monday 12

1500Rad4Quote, UnquoteJanie Dee, Richard Ingrams, Vivienne Parry, Robin Ince.
1830Rad4Just a Minute New!Tony Hawks, Alun Cochrane, Patrick Kielty, Gyles.
1900BBC3Would I Lie to You?
2000BBC2University ChallengeLoughborough v Clare Cambridge.
21004MUS8 Out of 10 Cats Uncut
2200DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You
2200BBC2QINot NI.
2200DAVEMock the Week x2
2235BBC1Have I Got Old News for You
2320DAVENever Mind the Buzzcocks

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Tuesday 13

1830Rad4It's Not What You KnowDave Gorman, Anneka Rice from The Challenge Programme, Joe Lycett from Epic Win.
2100ITV2Hell's Kitchen Us
2300E48 Out of 10 Cats Uncut
2200DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You
2300DAVENever Mind the Buzzcocks
2340DAVEBig Ask

Wednesday 14

1810S4CY LifftRepeats.
1900DAVEQI XLAlso 2100.
2000TV5Comme Un Chef!Sort-of Masterchef France.
2000BBC1Celebrity MasterchefShane Lynch, Brian Capron, Shappi Khorsandi, Miranda Krestovnikoff.
2100ITV2Girlfriends New!The show previously known as "Girlfri3nds".
21004Mus8 Out of 10 Cats x2
2200DAVEHave I Got a Bit More News for You
2300DAVENever Mind the Buzzcocks
2325C48 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Thursday 15

1330RScoMeet the Parents SpecialMichelle McManus, the defending Pop Idol, talks about overnight fame.
1830NICKOne Direction SpecialStacey-May Anaïs joins the The X Factor alums in Bournemouth.
2000BBC1Celebrity MasterchefScotland 2100, after a documentary on obesity.
2000LIVFour Weddings
2100LIVBritain and Ireland's Next Top Model
2100DAVEQI XLAlso 1900.
2200DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You
2200CHALKiller Karaoke New!The North American version of Sing If You Can. The part of Jedward will be played by the speaking clock.
2300DAVENever Mind the Buzzcocks

Friday 16

2000C4Four Rooms
2000BBC2MastermindCatherine Howard, Green Lantern, Robert Hooke, Olympic medallists.
2030BBC1Celebrity Masterchef
2100DAVEQI XLAlso 1900.
2100C5Big BrotherIt is. Side at 2230, live at 2330.
2100C48 Out of 10 Cats Does CountdownSarah Millican and Chris Ramsey.
2200CHALFun House
2200DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You
2235BBC1Would I Lie to YouRepeats.
2300DAVENever Mind the Buzzcocks

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Channel abbreviations

4MUS4 Music
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
C4 Channel 4
C5 Channel 5
ESP2Eurosport 2
HTV HTV (ITV in Wales; Wales only unless noted)
ITV ITV1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV Sky Living
LIV2Sky Living It
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad3BBC Radio 3
Rad4BBC Radio 4
Rad5BBC Radio 5
Rd4XBBC Radio 4Xtra
RCymBBC Radio Cymru
RScoBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTE2RTE2 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
SKY1Sky 1
SKYASky Atlantic
STV STV (ITV1 in North and Central Scotland)
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5 TV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV1 in Northern Ireland)

Other stations explained in the programme description.

AudioD - Audio Description for the blind.

Signed - in-vision British Sign Language translation.

Shows on BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV2, E4, Dave, Sky Living, and Sky One are in HD unless specified as SD. Shows on other channels are marked as HD.

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