Can't Sing Singers



Lorraine Kelly (narrator, live final host)


Judges: David and Carrie Grant

Live final: Andy Goldstein


BBC One, 20 November to 18 December 2004 (5 episodes in 1 series)


Bunches of virtually tone deaf 'artistes' from the general public at large (well, London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff anyhow) are subjected to weeks of singing lessons to bring them to a stage where they can sing and dance in front of a live studio audience at the Concrete Donut, aka BBC TV Centre.

Kind of a docusoap mixed with a musical makeover show, it works as a BBC 'feelgood' vehicle although some of the activites they get to do are clearly for mugging up to the camera only - since when did Lesley Garrett do thinks like abseiling and hatha yoga?

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