Romesh Ranganathan


The Apprentice You're Fired (regular panellist)

Have I Got News for You (guest host)

A League of Their Own (regular panellist, then host)

Look Back to the Future

Play to the Whistle (regular panellist)

Takeshi's Castle (voiceover)

Taskmaster (participant)

The Weakest Link


Former maths teacher who turned to comedy in his 30s and has gone on to succeed Jack Dee as Britain's comedic sourpuss-in-chief. Besides his game show credits, he has also presented the topical comedy show The Ranganation, travelogue series The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan and a podcast series about hip-hop music, Hip-Hop Saved My Life, as well as a Radio 2 series on the same topic.

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