Sarah Cawood




Blind Date (ITV2 coverage)

Celebrity Masterchef (participant)

Celebrity Scissorhands (participant)

Cruel Summer/Winter

Daily Cooks Challenge (voiceover)

Eurovision Song Contest (BBC Three coverage)

Fame Academy (BBC Three coverage)


Love Bus

Night Fever

The Other Boat Race

Showbiz Darts

Singled Out

Take It or Leave It (voiceover)

That's the Question

Your Country Needs You! (voiceover)


Sarah Cawood studied ballet at the Royal Ballet School and the Chiswick Arts Educational School, and had a brief career as a dancer before joining Nickelodeon as a childrens' presenter. She came to greater attention as one of the presenters of Channel 4's late-night "ladette" programme The Girlie Show, and thence went on to Live and Kicking and presenting coverage of music festivals. She was also the co-presenter of the national lottery draws for a time, acquitting herself admirably during the famous Fathers4Justice studio invasion.


c/o Jo Carlton, Talent4Media, Studio LG16, Shepherds Building Central, Charecroft Way, London W14 0EH

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