Dickie Davies


MAC Productions and Mike Mansfield Productions in association with HTV Wales for ITV, 7 January 1989 to 29 December 1990 (9 episodes in 1 series)

Grand Sportsmasters: 5 January to 11 May 1991 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Where Dickie Davies was put out to pasture after World of Sport had finished, this was A Question of Sport meets Mastermind, only with a much broader and less deep knowledge than that required for Sports Anorak of the Year.

For some reason there was a Grand Sportsmasters series in 1991, although why it was any grander than the regular show is a bit of a mystery.

Key moments

One classic moment concerned a contestant had been asked to name a cricketer having been shown a picture of an (obviously Australian) batsmen playing an attacking shot. The contestant answered 'David Boon' only to be told that it was Allan Border. We went to an ad break and came back to be told that the contestant had been awarded the point, having pointed out that the picture was of a right-handed batsman, whereas Allan Border was left handed. "They got the slide the wrong way around" we were told.


The show certainly kept it in the family. The quiz was devised by Dickie Davies himself, his wife Liz was a researcher, his son Peter wrote the theme music, and Dickie's twin brother Danny was also involved.


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