The Personality Test



Changes each week


Regular panellists: Sue Perkins and Robin Ince


BBC Radio 4, 12 July 2006 to 9 August 2007 (16 episodes in 3 series)


Surprisingly freeform panel game where the game is based around the celebrity host, who changes each week - in a neat reversal, it's the panel of comedians that remains the same. Said comics have a week to mug up on the biography of said celeb and try to answer the questions, often revolving around choice anecdotes from their autobiography.

The warm-up round involves the comics providing a satirical shortened version of the host's life. The middle bit is varied, and there's the obligatory buzzer round at the end. Quite silly and quite funny.


The hosts and subjects for the programme were:

Summer 2006 series

2006-7 series

  • 7 Dec - Roy Hattersley
  • 14 Dec - Rick Wakeman
  • 21 Dec - Adam Hart-Davis
  • 28 Dec - Antony Worral-Thompson
  • 4 Jan 2007 - Claire Rayner
  • 11 Jan - Esther Rantzen

Summer 2007


Aled Evans

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