The Year In Question (2)



Simon Bates (1989-90)

Hunter Davies (1992)

John Humphrys (1992-3)

Brian Hayes (1993-4)


BBC Radio 4, 8 March 1989 to 29 December 1994 (38 episodes in 6 series)

Co-produced by Testbed Productions, 1994


A quiz on events of a past year, using archive extracts. The format was a buzzer quiz, most series involved writers and journalists from the press, television, and radio. At least two series were knock-out competitions between national and regional newspapers.

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For at least part of its run, the show was recorded at St. Bride's Church in Fleet Street, which was traditionally considered "the journalists' church" due to its location in the heart of what used to be the capital's newspaper district.

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The Year In Question was also a Radio 4 panel game in the 1970s and 1980s.


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