The Year In Question (1)



Robin Ray (1970s)

Richard Stilgoe (1980s)


James Burke (resident panellist, 1970s)

Richard Murdoch (resident panellist, 1970s)

Ann Meo (resident panellist, 1980s)

Terry Wogan (resident panellist, 1980s)


BBC Radio 4, 4 July 1973 to 1975

BBC Radio 4, 16 July 1980 - 7 October 1981 (24 programmes in 2 series)


A panel game on events of a year gone by, illustrated by archive extracts. The show was originally hosted by Robin Ray, with teams captained by scientist James Burke and comedian Richard Murdoch. The show was introduced as part of a revolution to Radio 4's schedules, which also saw Woman's Hour move from Radio 2 and You and Yours begin, and was regarded as one of the worst programmes on the network - David Wade in The Times called it a complete waste of everyone's time.

Though abandoned after two years, the format was not one to lie down, and returned five years later. Now hosted by Richard Stilgoe, the show adopted a format similar to Round Britain Quiz, with a resident team - Ann Meo, the future Treasure Hunt clue-compiler; and Terry Wogan, the then-host of Radio 2's breakfast show - being challenged by guests.

See also

The Year in Question, a 1980s buzzer quiz of the same name.


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