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<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg|New Shows]]</div>
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg|New Shows]]</div>
[[The Crystal Maze]] remaining episodes: E4, 15 November<br>
[[I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!]] series 20: ITV, 15 November<br>
[[Winning Combination]]: ITV, 16 November<br>
[[House of Games (3)|Richard Osman's House of Games Night]]: BBC1, 20 November<br>
[[House of Games (3)|Richard Osman's House of Games Night]]: BBC1, 20 November<br>
[[Catchphrase|Catchphrase: Catchiest Moments]]: ITV, 21 November<br>
[[Catchphrase|Catchphrase: Catchiest Moments]]: ITV, 21 November<br>
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[[Great British Menu]] Christmas: BBC2, 1 December<br>
[[Great British Menu]] Christmas: BBC2, 1 December<br>
[[BAMESHOW]]: Radio 4, 1 December<br>
[[BAMESHOW]]: Radio 4, 1 December<br>
[[Mastermind|Mastermind Cymru]] adfywiad: S4C, 2 December<br>
Celebrity [[The Crystal Maze]] series 3 resumes: Channel 4, 3 December<br>
[[Pants on Fire]] resumes: E4, 8 December
[[Pants on Fire]] resumes: E4, 8 December

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Impact of Covid-19
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Richard Osman's House of Games Night: BBC1, 20 November
Catchphrase: Catchiest Moments: ITV, 21 November
Who Wants to be a Millionaire: The Million Pound Question: ITV, 22 November
The Wheel: BBC1, 28 November
Love Bites: ITV2, 30 November
Great British Menu Christmas: BBC2, 1 December
BAMESHOW: Radio 4, 1 December
Mastermind Cymru adfywiad: S4C, 2 December
Celebrity The Crystal Maze series 3 resumes: Channel 4, 3 December
Pants on Fire resumes: E4, 8 December


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15 February Who thinks a conundrum is a musical instrument?
Anne Robinson has been announced as the host of Countdown. She will replace Nick Hewer who leaves the show later this year. She will be the second female host of the show, following Katherine Ryan hosting an edition of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown in 2018.

6 February He's started so... oh, you know the rest
John Humphrys has announced he is stepping down from Mastermind at the end of the current series, having hosted the quiz since 2003. His successor, should there be one, is yet to be announced.

Britain's Got Talent
29 January Britain's Got Ailment
It has been announced that no series of Britain's Got Talent will air in 2021 due to the continued health crisis. Filming had been due to start this month, but had been delayed three weeks ago; the previous series included a pause between broadcast of the auditions and finals, and filming of the Christmas special had to be delayed due to at least three crew members testing positive. If we interpret the press release correctly, Britain's Got Talent is not prepared to sacrifice scale or its participants' health. You can read more about the effects of Covid-19 on game shows here.

7 December Nick's Final Countdown
Nick Hewer has decided to step down as host of Countdown altogether when his contract expires in 2021. He is the second longest-serving host after Richard Whiteley, having been in the role since the beginning of 2012. No decision has yet been made on who will replace him.

Des O'Connor
15 November Des O'Connor
The death has been announced of Des O'Connor, aged 88. His long career on TV and on stage stretched back to the 1950s; in the game show world, he is perhaps best known for having presented Take Your Pick and Countdown.

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