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|Peter Andre's [[Bad Boyfriend Club]]
|Peter Andre's [[Bad Boyfriend Club]]
|[[Lucky Sexy Winners]]
|Comedy quiz
|[[Styled to Rock]]
|[[Styled to Rock]]

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This page lists the most recent game show debuts and other shows almost ready for transmission.

New shows for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 are also available.

(R) indicates a revival.


Peter Andre's Bad Boyfriend Club Dating
Lucky Sexy Winners Comedy quiz
Styled to Rock Reality
The Angel Educational
Drive to Buy Lifestyle
Have I Got Sport for You Panel game, sports
Let's Get Gold Variety
Superstar Singing, musical theatre
Tipping Point Quiz, general knowledge
A Short History of Everything Else Comedy panel game (nostalgia)
The Exhibitionists Art, regional (Wales)
IQ/NI Regional (Northern Ireland) quiz
Kitchen Wars Reality
Mad Mad World Comedy panel game (news)
Off By Heart Shakespeare (R) Variety, recital
Love Shaft Dating
Blockbusters (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Battle of the Brides Lifestyle
The Exclusives Recruitment, magazines
Maestro at the Opera (R) Variety
Aibisidh Regional (Scotland), Panel game (words)
Britain Unzipped Stunt/dare show
School of Hard Sums Educational
The Guessing Game Regional (Scotland) Radio, comedy panel game
Breakaway Quiz, general knowledge
Don't Stop Me Now Variety
The Love Machine Dating
School of Silence (R) Childrens
The Voice UK Variety, reality
World Series of Dating Dating
Cleverdicks Quiz, general knowledge
It's Not What You Know Radio, panel game
Jedward's Big Adventure Children's, travel
Love in the Wild Dating, travel
The Mad Bad Ad Show Panel game, advertising
Pub Olympics Radio, panel game
Sud's Law Radio, panel game (soap opera)
Wordaholics Radio, panel game (words)
The Bank Job Quiz, general knowledge
Bigger Than... Reality
The Exit List Quiz, general knowledge
Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge Action and adventure
Playing it Straight (R) Reality, dating
A Question of Taste Quiz, themed (food)
Room 101 (R) Comedy panel game
The Talent Show Story Documentary
Ultimate Sports Day Childrens, sports

Coming up

  • Cook Me the Money - Amateur cooks sell their creations to the public (ITV Studios for ITV)
  • Secret Interview - Two people think they're going for an on-the-job interview, but they're actually being observed by a "giant of the industry". (Two Four for Channel 5)
  • DareDevils - Families and friends are set challenges by the Dare Devil to win money-can't-buy prizes. (CBBC, 2013)
  • Hot or Hotter - The self-declared "hottest" people in the UK meet in a catwalk showdown of incendiary proportions. (Zeppotron for E4)
  • Big Fat Quiz Decades (working title) - Three special editions cover the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. (Hot Sauce for Channel 4)
  • Don't Blow the Inheritance - Punmeister Tim Vine hosts the quiz show where the old generation battle to build their Inheritance prize pot up with thousands of pounds ready to pass on to the young generation. But the young generation can only take the Inheritance prize pot home if they don't 'blow it all' at the end of the game! It's down to the young generation to answer the final questions correctly so they can keep the cash rather than blowing all of the old generation's hard work (12 Yard for ITV1, 2012)
  • Food.glorious.Food (working title) - Simon Cowell scours the nation looking for some food to sell in a leading chain store. (Optomen and SyCo for ITV1)
  • Baggage - Fashion guru Gok Wan hosts the dating show, in which the people to be picked reveal bigger secrets about themselves. (NBC Universal for Channel 4)
  • Prize Island (working title) - Couples are spirited away to Endemol's island off the coast of Africa, where they're given challenges, and a prize for being the first to complete it. (Endemol for ITV1)
  • Cooks to Market - Two pairs of cooks go head to head, working against the clock as they try to sell their products to market and make the highest profit. The pair who succeeds will then be given the opportunity to pitch their product in front of a line-up of industry buyers. Gizzi Erskine and James Averdieck host. (Splash Media for Sky1, 2012)
  • Don't Sit in the Front Row - Five members of the public are invited to sit in the front row while three comedians dig into their lives to build up a stand-up routine for potential comedy material. Host Jack Dee knows everything about them but the comedians are completely blind about them. In each of the four rounds, one MOTP is eliminated based on their comedy value until one is announced the winner and is awarded the "Golden Chair" award. (Citrus Television for Sky Atlantic, Autumn 2012)
  • 1001 Things You Should Know - Three contestants go head-to-head to prove they know things they should know. More: Channel 4 press release. (Thames Scotland for Channel 4, Summer 2012)
  • My Man Can - Women bet on their husband's ability to complete tests of skill and endurance. Melanie Sykes and Mark Wright host. More: Bother's Bar description of the German original. (ITV1, 2013)
  • Stagestruck (working title) - Amateur dramatic groups submit auditions via video. Eight groups are chosen by the judges to progress to the next stage where they will receive expert tutoring. One group is eliminated each week until only one remains, with that group being declared the winner. (Oxford Film and TV for Sky Arts)
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