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Narrator: Iain Lee


Touch Productions for Channel 4, 4 June 2005


An archive documentary, showcasing vintage game show clips, structured around a discussion of "the perfect game show." The clips included:

Contestants The Weakest Link; Family Fortunes, including an interview with Brian, Jenny, Michael and Pat Johnson, discussing Bob Johnson's "Turkey" answer.

Embarrassment The Generation Game; Crackerjack with Stu Francis; Jeux Sans Frontiers with Stuart Hall.

Bizarre Fort Boyard with Melinda Messenger; a brief clip from Scavengers; The Crystal Maze with Ed Tudor-Pole; The Adventure Game with Sarah Lam.

Winner Takes All Sale of the Century with Nicholas Parsons and Daphne Fowler; 3-2-1; The Price is Right with William G. Stewart.

Geeks The Great Egg Race; Scrapheap Challenge; Robot Wars with Philippa Forrester.

To The Limit The Krypton Factor with Gordon Burns; Now Get Out of That; SAS: Are You Tough Enough?; Davina McCall driving a jeep over a ravine from Don't Try This at Home!; Shattered; Touch the Truck with winner Jerry Middleton; Treasure Hunt with Anneka Rice and producer Malcolm Heyworth.

Host Roy Walker; Bob Monkhouse

Bullseye with Tony Green and Jim Bowen

Other principal contributors to the programme included TV critic Ian Hyland and TV presenters Justin Lee Collins, Bob Mills and Kirsten O'Brien.


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