TV Guide 2021-08-14

It's coming home! The start of a new Fighting Talk season (Radio 5, Sat), and they've got some men's football after Colin and the crew. Cooking With the Stars crowns its winner (ITV, Tue).

It's going home! Richard Osman's House of Games (3) kicks off a new series (BBC2, weeknights). Come Dine with Me goes round athletes' houses (C4, weeknights). A League of Their Own begins a new run on The Satellite Channel (Thu).

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Fighting Talk


Saturday 14 August

  • Fighting Talk (Radio 5, 11am) Colin Murray returns with a new series of sport's most talkative show.
  • Four in a Bed (C4, 11.50) Five episodes.
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 1.15).
  • Full Bloom (More4, 1.40) Petal to the Metal.
  • Tipping Point Lucky Stars (ITV, 4pm) Tess Daly; The Chase Celebrity Special (ITV, 5pm) Johnny Vegas.


  • Take Off with Bradley and Holly (BBC1, 5.50) This week, the contestants hope to go to South Africa. Or the consolation prize of South Shields.
  • Cooking With the Stars (VM1, 6pm) Shown on ITV last Tuesday.
  • Rolling in It (ITV, 6.30) Jo Brand, Will Mellor, Richie Anderson.
  • The Void (ITV, 7.30; VM1, 8pm).
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire (ITV, 8.30; VM1, 10pm) You could be watching As the Paint Dries. It's more fun.
  • Love Island (VM2 and ITV2, 9pm) Highlights of the week.

Weekend repeats


  • Breaking the News (Radio Scotland, 11.30am) From Friday.
  • Cooking With the Stars (ITV, 11.35am).
  • Survivor (TG4, 5.45) Only on Ireland.
  • BBC Brain (R4, 11pm) From Monday.


  • Rolling in It (ITV, 11.20); The Void (ITV, 11.20) From last night
  • The Unbelievable Truth (Radio 4, 12.04) From Monday.

Sunday 15 August

  • The Masked Singer Us (ITV, 10.20) Four remain.
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12.15).
  • Tipping Point Lucky Stars (ITV, 3.50) Joe Lycett; The Chase Celebrity Special (ITV, 4.50) Su Pollard.


  • Wipeout Usa (E4, 5.50).
  • Lego Masters Down Under (E4, 6.50) Cut in half.
  • Love Island (VM1 and ITV2, 9pm) Aftersun follows at 10pm on VM2 and ITV2.

House of Games (3)

Weekday Daytimes

  • Junior Bake Off (C4, 12.10) Another chance to see the recent series final.
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12.15).
  • Letterbox (BBC2, 1pm; not Tu) Yay! Eggheads (BBC2, 1.30; Tu 1.45) Nay! Make Me a Dealer (BBC2, 3pm; not Tu) Repeats.
  • Dickinson's Real Deal (ITV, 2pm; not We-Fr), Tenable (ITV, 3pm; not We-Fr), Tipping Point (ITV, 4pm), The Chase (ITV, 5pm) Repeats.
  • !mpossible (BBC1, 2.30) Repeats.
  • Countdown (C4, 2.10) New episodes, with Jeremy Thompson.
  • The Bidding Room (BBC1, 4.30) New episodes.
  • Come Dine with Me (C4, 5pm) New episodes, with a paralympic theme.
  • Pointless (BBC1, 5.15) Repeats.
  • House of Games (BBC2, 6pm; not Tu, also 6.30 Fr) New episodes, with Reeta Chakrabarti, Olga Koch, Gareth Thomas, but the seriously unfunny Andrew Maxwell.
  • Masterchef Down Under (W, 7pm).

Monday 16 August

  • Act Your Age (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm) From 2011.
  • BBC Brain (Radio 4, 3pm) Heat 5.
  • The Unbelievable Truth (Radio 4, 6.30) Holly Walsh, Henning Wehn, Zoe Lyons, Richard Osman.
  • Only Connect (BBC2, 8pm) Debuggers vs Steelers.
  • University Challenge (BBC2, 8.30) Strathclyde play Reading, a rare match without Oxbridge or London.
  • Celebrity Masterchef (BBC1, 9pm) This week's victims are Penny Lancaster, Megan McKenna, Melanie Sykes, Patrick Grant, and Nabil Abdulrashid.
  • Love Island (VM1 and ITV2, 9pm).
  • Quizzy Mondays (, 9.05) Gareth and guests look back at tonight's Only Connect, University Challenge, and whatever else is news in the world of quiz.
  • Have I Got a Bit More News for You (BBC1, 11pm; NI 11.30) Alexander Armstrong, Hannah Fry, Phil Wang.

Tuesday 17 August

  • Celebrity Masterchef (BBC1, 9pm) Mitch Tonks talks fish.
  • Love Island (VM1 and ITV2, 9pm).
  • Cooking with the Stars (ITV, 9pm) The grand final, reviewing everything from the series.

Wednesday 18 August

  • Whispers (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • The Bidding Room (BBC1 England and Scotland, 7.30) A shorter version to fill a gap. Cancelled in favour of a Question Time special.
  • Love Island (VM1 and ITV2, 9pm).
  • Survivor (TG4, 11.40) "Yolo, let's play".

A League of Their Own

Thursday 19 August

  • Love Island (VM1 and ITV2, 9pm).
  • A League of Their Own (The Satellite Channel, 9pm) A new series of the sports-based panel show. Guests include Tabby Named, Passer Bye, and I Don't Know.
  • The Rap Game (BBC1, 10.35) Be inspired by a sportsperson.
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4, 11pm) A classic episode, shown as a tribute to the late Sean Lock.
  • Take Off (BBC1, 11.35); Who Wants to be a Millionaire (ITV, 11.45; STV 12.10am) Repeats from Saturday.

Friday 20 August

  • The Food Quiz (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Breaking the News (Radio Scotland, 1.30).
  • Would I Lie to You? (BBC1, 8.25) Claudia Winkleman.
  • Celebrity Masterchef (BBC1, 9pm) Impress Phil Vickery and Andi Peters.
  • Love Island (VM1 and ITV2, 9pm).
  • I'll Get This (BBC2, 10pm; not Wales) Adrian Chiles.
  • Apocalypse Wow (ITV2, 10.05) Last in the series.

Sign language interpretation

  • Dress to Impress (ITV2, 9am Sat) Two episodes.
  • Brightest Celebrity Family (ITV, 3.15am Sun) Repeat from 2020.
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 5.05am Mon-Thu).
  • Lingo (ITV, 3.15am Tue).
  • Snackmasters (C4, 3.40am Tue).


A short selection of shows for those with Astra satellite dishes, or available for free and legal web streaming.

This Saturday's German massive quiz - just the one - 5 Gegen Jauch on RTL, begins at 7.15, might still be running at midnight. Das TV Kult-Quiz on NDR (9.45 Sat) looks at German television through the medium of quiz, and Wer weiß denn sowas? is a family quiz on RBB (7.15 Sun; two episodes). Snackmasters comes to RTL (6pm Sun), they're making burgers fit for a king. Das ist mein Zeit on WDR (8pm Fri) asks questions about each member of the family's generation.

For French speakers, Fort Boyard continues on TV5 at Saturday teatime. In Dutch, De Slimste Mens is on each weeknight.

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