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|[[Celebrity Love Island|Love Island]]
|[[Celebrity Love Island|Love Island]]
|[[The Love Machine]]
|[[Love Match UK]]
|[[Love Match UK]]
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|[[Love on a Saturday Night]]
|[[Love on a Saturday Night]]
|[[Love Shaft]]
|[[Love Thy Neighbour]]
|[[Love Thy Neighbour]]

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L is for... Lottery - A game where luck forms a major part in deciding the outcome. Most lotteries are regulated by the national government, who take a cut of the proceeds in taxes. Viewer phone-in competitions must contain some element of skill if they are to avoid being classified as a lottery. In most countries, contestants cannot pay to play a game since that would also classify it as a lottery.


Title Genre
Lab Rats Science
Ladette to Lady Lifestyle, reality
Ladies Excuse Me Radio, panel game
Lads' Army Reality
Landmark Regional (South West) quiz
Last Chance Lottery Stunt/dare show
Last Choir Standing Variety, reality
Last Man Standing (1) Action/adventure show, sports
Last Man Standing (2) Quiz, themed (gaming), webcast
Last Woman Standing Action/adventure show, sports
The Last Millionaire Reality, business
The Late Late Breakfast Show Stunt/dare show
Late Night Poker Sports
Late Night Poker Ace Sports
Late Night Poker Masters Sports
Late Night Quiz Regional (South) quiz
Laugh Line Panel game
Laughlines Panel game
The Law Game Radio, panel game
A League of Their Own Comedy panel game (sports)
Legal Brain Quiz, themed (the law)
Let Me Entertain You Variety
Let's Dance for Comic Relief Variety
Let's Do the Show Right Here Radio, panel game
Liar Panel game
Lie Detector
Lifelines Panel game
Life's a Punt Lifestyle
Lingo Puzzle
Linkpix Panel game
The Litmus Test Radio, panel game (science)
Little Monsters Stunt/dare show
Llangollen Cor y Byd Variety, regional (Wales)
The Look of Lurve Dating
Looks Familiar Panel game
Look Sharp! Childrens
Look Where You're Going
Lose a Million Family game show
Lost Action/adventure show
Love at First Sight Dating
Love Bites Family game show, dating show
Love Bus Reality, regional (South West England]]
The Love Bus Dating
Love Island Reality
The Love Machine
Love Match UK Dating
Love Me Do Dating
Love Me, Love Me Not Dating
Loves Like a Dog Panel game
Love on a Saturday Night Dating
Love Shaft
Love Thy Neighbour Lifestyle
Lucky Ladders Puzzle
Lucky Numbers (1) Family game show
Lucky Numbers (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Lucky 13 Radio, Quiz, general knowledge
The Lyrics Game Panel game
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