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S is for... Swerve - A question that seems to be asking for one answer then deviates unexpectedly at the end to a different one. For example: "The currency of Egypt is the pound... but how many ounces are there in a pound of weight?" Though unfair, it can guard against experienced quiz players from trying too many interruptions.


Title Genre
Sabotage Quiz, general knowledge
The Sack Race Stunt/dare show
Sadwrn ar y Stryd Variety, inter-town, regional (Wales)
Safari School Educational, reality
Safebreakers Technological
Safeword Comedy panel game
Saints and Scholars Panel game
The Saints Went Marching Out Regional quiz (Anglia)
Sale of the Century Quiz, general knowledge
Sam and Mark's Geordie Challenge Childrens, stunts and dares
Sam and Mark's Sports Showdown Sport, childrens
SAS: Are You Tough Enough? Action adventure
The Satellite Game Childrens
Saturday Showdown Childrens
Saturday Night Takeaway Variety
Sawl Seren? Regional (Wales), variety
Say the Word Puzzle
Scary Sleepover Childrens
Scavenger Hunt Action adventure
Scavengers Action adventure
Scene Stealers Lifestyle, reality
School for Cooks Lifestyle, reality
School Challenge Quiz, academic, regional (Northern Ireland)
School of Hard Sums Educational
School of Saatchi Reality, creative
School of Silence Childrens
School Uniforms Comedy panel game
Schools Challenge Quiz, academic, regional (North West England)
School's Out Comedy panel game
Science Fair '66 Technological
Scoop Panel game
Score with The Scaffold Childrens
Scotland v England Comedy panel game
Scots on the Box Panel game (television)
Scrapheap Challenge Technological
Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom Childrens
[[Scream If You K
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