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|[[Weaver's Week 2010-06-27|27th June 2010]]
|[[Weaver's Week 2010-06-27|27th June 2010]]
|The Million Pound Drop
|The Million Pound Drop Live
|[[Weaver's Week 2010-06-20|20th June 2010]]
|[[Weaver's Week 2010-06-20|20th June 2010]]
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|Tossers' Challenge - Heads or Tails
|Tossers' Challenge - Heads or Tails
==2009 archive==
==2009 archive==

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Weaver's Week 2011-10-09
Each week, Iain Weaver gives us his take on the week's game show programmes and related news.

A companion guide to game shows on TV for the coming week is also published on a regular basis, usually on Thursdays.

Date Topics
9th October 2011 The Beat Goes On
2nd October 2011 Holding Out for a Hero
25th September 2011 Minute to Win It
18th September 2011 Red or Black


2011 archive

Date Topics
11th September 2011 Celebrity Big Brother 2011
4th September 2011 Epic Win
28th August 2011 The Radio Shadow
21st August 2011 Robert Robinson
14th August 2011 Pop Up Pop Quiz, Camp Orange
7th August 2011 Born to Shine, Show Me the Funny
31st July 2011 Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson, Silent Library
24th July 2011 Quiz Trippers, Spam and Beans
17th July 2011 The Marriage Ref, Krypton Factor 1995
10th July 2011 Copycats
3rd July 2011 Gory Games, Splatalot
26th June 2011 Compete for the Meat, Big Ask
19th June 2011 Four Rooms, Style the Nation
12th June 2011 So You Think Britain's Got Talent
5th June 2011 Countdown's finals week
29th May 2011 Don't Scare the Hare, Sing If You Can
22nd May 2011 Blue is not your colour - Eurovision review
15th May 2011 Scott and Sara's Eurovision
8th May 2011 Three from Radio Four
1st May 2011 A Brief History of Voting in British Game Shows
24th April 2011 Fighting Talk and Around the Horn
17th April 2011 Mastermind final, Gleusta
10th April 2011 University Challenge final, A Table
3rd April 2011 Them Next Door
27th March 2011 Great British Hairdresser
20th March 2011 Glee Club and Comic Relief
13th March 2011 Trade Your Way to the USA
6th March 2011 Push the Button 2.0 Live
27th February 2011 Secret Fortune
20th February 2011 A Farmer's Life for Me
13th February 2011 Tool Academy
6th February 2011 Perfection
30th January 2011 Michel Roux's Service
23rd January 2011 The Magicians; OC/UC challenge match
16th January 2011 Fool Us; Only Connect Championship of Champions
9th January 2011 Famous and Fearless

2010 archive

Date Topics
2nd January 2011 The Week of the Year 2010
19th December 2010 Countdown finals week for series 63
12th December 2010 Drop Zone
5th December 2010 10 Jonathan, Voodoo Hussy
28th November 2010 Meet the Parents; The Love Bus
21st November 2010 Men's Television — Beer & Pizza Club, Mark Watson Kicks Off
14th November 2010 Celebrity Juice
7th November 2010 Fee Fi Fo Yum
31st October 2010 Ramsay's Best Restaurant
24th October 2010 Moments of Genius
17th October 2010 The King is Dead
10th October 2010 Secret Dealers
3rd October 2010 71 Degrees North
26th September 2010 Glyph or No Glyph
19th September 2010 Quiz me well
12th September 2010 A Big Brother scrapbook
5th September 2010 Yet more cookery - Dinner Date, Great British Bake Off
29th August 2010 The Boss is Coming to Dinner, New New Millionaire
22nd August 2010 ...and don't stop believing
15th August 2010 ITV's summer Saturdays - Odd One In, Magic Numbers
8th August 2010 Mastermind Championship of Champions
1st August 2010 Escape in Time
25th July 2010 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow
18th July 2010 A Game Show Marathon - includes Antiques Master
11th July 2010 Cooking up something - Family Food Fight, Celebrity Pressure Cooker
4th July 2010 Umpires, Rollercoasters, and deities
27th June 2010 The Million Pound Drop Live
20th June 2010 The 62nd Countdown finals week
13th June 2010 Mission 2110
6th June 2010 Eurovision Song Contest final
30th May 2010 Mastermind final, Eurovision semi-finals
23rd May 2010 The Adventure Game 1986 part two
16th May 2010 The Adventure Game series 4
9th May 2010 Gameshow General Election exit poll
2nd May 2010 The Whole 19 Yards
25th April 2010 The Door
18th April 2010 The Third Only Connect final; also Four Weddings
11th April 2010 The University Challenge final
4th April 2010 Dating in the Dark
28th March 2010 Push-button shows
21st March 2010 Your Country Needs Help
14th March 2010 Minor British Institutions - Countdown, Raven
7th March 2010 Come ITV With Me - Dining Stars, May the Best House Win
28th February 2010 The Boys in The Bubble
21st February 2010 Popstar to Operastar
14th February 2010 Relic: Guardians of the Museum
7th February 2010 Augmented Reality Technology Rules! - Bamzooki
31st January 2010 What do children know?
24th January 2010 So You Think You Can Dance
17th January 2010 Take Me Out
10th January 2010 Tossers' Challenge - Heads or Tails

2009 archive

Date Topics
3rd January 2010 The Week of the Year 2009
20th December 2009 It's Countdown finals week again!
13th December 2009 Weaver's Decade VI - Is that your identity? Was that your interaction?
6th December 2009 We Need Answers, not Argumentals
29th November 2009 Weaver's Decade V - Well done, young warrior
22nd November 2009 Keep Your Nevars Close
15th November 2009 Weaver's Decade IV - Singing for survival
8th November 2009 Britain's Best Brain
1st November 2009 Weaver's Decade III - Big Brother house, this is Davina.
25th October 2009 Design for Life
18th October 2009 Weaver's Decade II - who should be voted off the team?
11th October 2009 Clever v Stupid, Big Food Fight
4th October 2009 Weaver's Decade I - but we don't want to give you that!
27th September 2009 CBBC's Game Show Zone
20th September 2009 Pointless
13th September 2009 Cubed
6th September 2009 It's the Only Connect final!
30th August 2009 The Drogna Game
23rd August 2009 The Adventure Game 3
16th August 2009 Knowalotts
9th August 2009 Tellyheads: You Have Been Watching, As Seen on TV
2nd August 2009 Guess or estimate
26th July 2009 University Challenges - Accumulate!
19th July 2009 Fused
12th July 2009 Chasers
5th July 2009 That's Totally Saturday!
28th June 2009 Obituaries - Patrick Dowling and Steve Race
21st June 2009 Finals for Countdown and Mastermind
14th June 2009 Scotland's Quality Shows
7th June 2009 Hannah-oke
31st May 2009 The Despicable Factor - Divided
24th May 2009 Eurovision final
17th May 2009 Eurovision semi-final
10th May 2009 Speak! - The Speaker
3rd May 2009 Tonight's the Night, The Generation Game '73
26th April 2009 Wordplay
19th April 2009 Ego week - Clement Freud, Chris Moyles' Quiz
12th April 2009 A Question of Genius
5th April 2009 Raven: The Dragon's Eye
29th March 2009 The inevitable Jade Goody obituary
22nd March 2009 Pretty in Pink - Paris Hilton
15th March 2009 Seeing red - The Colour of Money
8th March 2009 Colour us flabbergasted
1st March 2009 That University Challenge Final in Full
22nd February 2009 Controlling any crisis
15th February 2009 Superheroes, Who Wants to be one
8th February 2009 Like, totally Wipeout
1st February 2009 Your Country Needs Something - Eurovision, Countdown, University Challenge
25th January 2009 Blast and Botheration Lab
18th January 2009 Jeff Chiffres et Rachel Lettres - the new Countdown team
11th January 2009 The Krypton Factor

2008 archive

Date Topics
28th December 2008 The Week of the Year
21st December 2008 The Last Millionaire
14th December 2008 Carol Singers - Countdown series final
7th December 2008 Raven once more - series 8 reviewed
30th November 2008 Election fever
23rd November 2008 Bachelorette - Spin Star
16th November 2008 The Eggheads crack'd: are you one?
9th November 2008 A little more stay-in-the-fight - Going for Gold in English and French
2nd November 2008 Don't Panic - Panic Attack
26th October 2008 Britain's Got the Pop Factor
19th October 2008 Natural Born Sellers
12th October 2008 SM:TV 2008 - Hot Rods, Scene Stealers
5th October 2008 Silhouette of Passage - Hole in the Wall
28th September 2008 The What, Why, How, and Who In the World Quiz
21st September 2008 The OC - Only Connect
14th September 2008 What are you like, eh?
7th September 2008 Recalling Wogan, Perfectly
31st August 2008 Conductor School - Maestro
24th August 2008 Sports desk
17th August 2008 Choiring the Pitch - Last Choir Standing
10th August 2008 Jam Spoons for All - Battle of the Brains
3rd August 2008 Superstars V; also Countdown and fines for the BBC
27th July 2008 This Time Tomorrow
20th July 2008 Who Dares Sings!
13th July 2008 How Television Changed Britain: Intelligence
6th July 2008 Dragons, dragons everywhere - Adventure Game 1981
29th June 2008 It's a yellow one, sir, surely you can see that! - Adventure Game 1981
22nd June 2008 Countdown series 58 finals
15th June 2008 Challenge daytimes - Crosswords, Wipeout
8th June 2008 It's Not What You Know
1st June 2008 Eurovision Song Contest post mortem
25th May 2008 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals
18th May 2008 Young Musicians of the Year
11th May 2008 Beat the Star, Fleece the Public - ITV's fines
4th May 2008 Mournington Crescent - Humphrey Lyttelton, Banter
27th April 2008 All right, other half? - The Kids are All Right, Mr and Mrs
20th April 2008 Mark Speight, Come Dine with Me
13th April 2008 Words and Music - Book Quiz, Counterpoint
6th April 2008 Radio Activity - The Garden Quiz, ...Spanish Inquisition
30th March 2008 Mastermind final, Eurovision voting
23rd March 2008 Lightly foxed - Basil's Game Show, Stake Out
16th March 2008 Zed 53 - Bingolotto
9th March 2008 Finding champions - University Challenge, Eurovision Your Decision
2nd March 2008 Brain power
24th February 2008 Warriors, ready! - Raven
17th February 2008 Ding Dong
10th February 2008 ITV's weekends - Duel, Thank God You're Here
3rd February 2008 There goes our man from the council - Jeremy Beadle
27th January 2008 How We Used To Quiz - Spelling Bee 1938
20th January 2008 Stars In Their Eyes Academy
13th January 2008 Finger of suspicion

2007 archive

Date Topics
30th December 2007 The Week of the Year
23rd December 2007 A big finals week - Countdown, Junior Mastermind
16th December 2007 Big Brother Book
9th December 2007 On the conveyor belt - The Generation Game Now and Then
2nd December 2007 Not By Strength, By Guile - Who Dares Wins
25th November 2007 Les Pretend - The Great Pretender, Codex
18th November 2007 Performance - Classical Star, E4 School
11th November 2007 4OD - Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, Don't Call Me Stupid
4th November 2007 Saboteur Watch - Trapped, Dirty Rotten Cheater UK
28th October 2007 Dining Out - also Alan Coren
21st October 2007 Jiggy Pokey - Premium rate scandal continues, Mastermind analysis
14th October 2007 Paul Coia's Pleasure - Countdown 1982, Ofcom childrens enquiry
7th October 2007 Elven - The World's Greatest Elvis, also Ned Sherrin and Ronnie Hazlehurst
30th September 2007 Escape for Some - Premium rate scandal, Escape From Scorpion Island
23rd September 2007 Who are ya? - Identity, BBC fakery scandal
16th September 2007 Changes in the air - Millionaire, Brain of Britain, Deal or No Deal
9th September 2007 The Eurovision Song And Dance Contest, Without The Singing
2nd September 2007 Beat the Temple - Raven, also Test the Nation
26th August 2007 Is it all fitting together, in a stupid fashion? - The Adventure Game continued
19th August 2007 You are in a twisty maze of television studios, all different - The Adventure Game
12th August 2007 Wage seekers - Win My Wage, premium rate scandal rumbles on
5th August 2007 Slightly booked - The Book Quiz
29th July 2007 Challenge, lyrically - Sing It Back
22nd July 2007 Sorcery Today - The Sorceror's Apprentice
15th July 2007 Fine, then - ICSTIS and OFCOM reports on fakery scandals
8th July 2007 Feedback - Tycoon, Golden Balls
1st July 2007 Reasons to be grumpy - Brainteaser, People's Quiz, Britain's Got Talent
24th June 2007 Starter for Seven - Countdown finals
17th June 2007 Going Wild - People's Quiz Wildcard, Payday
10th June 2007 Naive? Nincompoop? Numpty? - Big Brother naughtiness
3rd June 2007 Repeat After Three - For the Rest of Your Life, That's the Question
27th May 2007 Think Big - Big Brother, Eurovision voting
20th May 2007 Flying the flag (upside down)
13th May 2007 Peer amid song contests
6th May 2007 Quiz Populi
29th April 2007 Four Against One Hundred
22nd April 2007 Headliners
15th April 2007 A brief history of 0898
8th April 2007 We Blame Julia Bradbury
1st April 2007 Five, Ten
25th March 2007 Raising the Standard
18th March 2007 Here's one we made up earlier
11th March 2007 On the wreck of SS Premium Rate
4th March 2007 Checking it out
25th February 2007 Fame but no fortune
18th February 2007 Stranger and Stranger - also Junior Mastermind final
11th February 2007 Sought high and low
4th February 2007 Count Des
28th January 2007 Bread and Circuses
21st January 2007 A clash between pseudo-celebrity and real celebrity
14th January 2007 He educated us all - Magnus Magnusson
7th January 2007 View From Afar - some European shows

2006 archive

Date Topics
31st December 2006 The Week of the Year 2006
24th December 2006 They think it's all over - Countdown
17th December 2006 Dying off
10th December 2006 Learning the hard way
3rd December 2006 X Marks the Code
26th November 2006 That's Numberplace! - Sudo-Q
19th November 2006 Star of Fortune - Mastermind Final, All-Star Family Fortunes
12th November 2006 Eight-one - Unanimous
5th November 2006 Charlie Five - In The Grid
29th October 2006 Take It or Not
22nd October 2006 Tooning In
15th October 2006 Those New Lottery Shows - Everyone's a Winner and 1 vs 100
8th October 2006 Desperately Seeking Talent
1st October 2006 Bad News and Treasure Maps
24th September 2006 Is this entertainment?
17th September 2006 Alaunus Held Hostage
10th September 2006 Five Years On
3rd September 2006 Fore!
27th August 2006 Big Brother 7
20th August 2006 Marlow and Maria
13th August 2006 Reviews in Brief
6th August 2006 Fort Boyard
30th July 2006 Sports Relief
23rd July 2006 ITV In Crisis, part two - Love Island
16th July 2006 ITV In Crisis, part one - Poker Face
9th July 2006 Full stop, question mark
2nd July 2006 Boss-beaters
25th June 2006 Scrambled X
18th June 2006 Winningest
11th June 2006 More long words
4th June 2006 Schulze-Condorcet, and other big words
28th May 2006 Eurovision Countdown
21st May 2006 "We are the winners. Of University Challenge" - also Eurovision semi
14th May 2006 The Price is Right?
7th May 2006 The category's still there - Bullseye, Sitcom Showdown
30th Apr 2006 Stat and More Stat
23rd Apr 2006 School Daze (2) - That'll Test 'Em, Top of the Form
16th Apr 2006 School Daze (1) - School's Out
9th Apr 2006 History Today - Classic Comeback
2nd Apr 2006 Front Page News - Countdown, Mastermind
26th Mar 2006 Ready... - The Games, Eurovision draw
19th Mar 2006 The West Lothian Question - Just the Two of Us
12th Mar 2006 Teenage Kicks - A Song for Europe
5th Mar 2006 The worst week of the Week
26th Feb 2006 Countdown, Deal, Poll
19th Feb 2006 Geekdom's only skin deep - Beauty and the Geek
12th Feb 2006 Iced Tea - Dancing on Ice
5th Feb 2006 Great shows
29th Jan 2006 Great hosts
22nd Jan 2006 Whose house is it? - Finders Keepers, Big Brother
15th Jan 2006 Do we have to spell it out? - Hard Spell, Spelling Bee
8th Jan 2006 The year ahead

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