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P is for... Prove out - A procedure used to demonstrate to the audience that the game was run in a fair manner. For example, in a Price is Right game where there are several prizes, the prices of the other prizes are revealed after a contestant has won or lost to prove that either (a) the ones they should have chosen, or (b) that they actually did pick the right combination to win.


Title Genre
Paddles Up Sports
Parents Know Best Regional (South), Family game show
Panic Attack Regional (Northern Ireland), Family game show
Panic Mechanics Technological
Paris Hilton's British Best Friend Reality
Parish Pump Regional (Yorkshire) quiz
Parliamentary Questions Radio, themed quiz (politics)
The Parlour Game
Party Animals Stunt/dare show, regional (Scotland)
Party Wars Lifestyle
Pass the Buck (1) Quiz, general knowledge
Pass the Buck (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Passport Action/adventure
Passport Quiz Quiz, themed (travel)
Passport to Paradise Variety
Password Puzzle
Pawb yn ei Fro
Payday Decision making
Pencil and Paper Family game show
Pendroffobia Quiz, children's, regional (Wales)
Penn & Teller: Fool Us Variety
Penwythnos Mawr Family game show
People are Funny Stunt/dare show
The People Versus Quiz, general knowledge
People's Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
People's Quiz Wildcard Quiz, general knowledge
Pen Campau Quiz, sport, children's, regional (Wales)
Perception Puzzle
Percy Edwards Showdown Radio, panel game (wildlife)
Perfect... Lifestyle
Perfect Housewife Lifestyle
Perfect Match Dating, Reality
Perfect Pitch Regional (Wales) quiz, themed (music)
Perfect Recall Quiz, general knowledge
Perfect Strangers Quiz, general knowledge
Perfection Quiz, general knowledge
Period Rooms Lifestyle
Perseverance Quiz, general knowledge
The Personality Test Panel game, radio
Pete's PA Reality
Peter Andre's Bad Boyfriend Club Dating
Petrolheads Comedy panel game, Stunt/dare show
Pets Go Public Panel game
Pets Win Prizes Lifestyle
Petswap Childrens
Photo Assignment Lifestyle
Photo Finish Quiz, general knowledge
Physical Pursuits Regional (London), sports
Pick a Number
Pick of the Six Quiz, regional (Northern Ireland)
Pick the Winner Panel game
Picture This Lifestyle
Pit Your Wits Puzzle
Pix Quiz, general knowledge
The Place Name Game Regional (South West) panel game
Place the Face Panel game
Playbox Childrens
Playdate Interactive, dating
Play DJ Interactive, text
Playing for Time Puzzle
Playing it Straight Reality, dating
Play it Again Game show documentary
Play the Game (1) Puzzle
Play the Game (2) Childrens
Play Your Cards Right Family game show
Play Your Hunch Family game show
The PMQ Show Radio, comedy panel game
Poetry Slam Radio, performance poetry
Pointless Quiz, general knowledge
Points of Law Radio, panel game (law)
Poker Den Sports
PokerFace Quiz
Poparound Childrens
Pop Idol Variety
Pop of the Form Radio quiz, themed (pop music)
Pop Quest Quiz, themed (music)
Pop Quiz Quiz, themed (music)
Pop Score Quiz, themed (music)
Pop the Question (1)
Pop the Question (2) Quiz, themed (music)
Pop Up Pop Quiz Quiz, themed (pop music)
Pop Upstairs Downstairs Quiz, themed (music)
Popcall Radio quiz, themed (pop music)
Popcorn Quiz, themed (films)
Popmaster Radio, quiz, themed (pop music)
Popped in, Crashed out Quiz, themed (music)
Popstars Reality
Popstars: The Rivals Reality
Popstar to Operastar Variety, reality (music)
Postcode Challenge Quiz, regional (Northern/Central Scotland)
Pot Black Sports
Pot of Gold Variety
Pot Luck Quiz, general knowledge
Pot the Question Sports
Presenters Talent show, regional (Wales)
The Press Gang Radio panel game
Press Ganged Reality
Press Your Luck Family game show, regional (West)
Pressure Cooker Lifestyle
The Price is Right Lifestyle
The Price of Fish
Prickly Heat Dating
Private Stars Reality
Project Catwalk Reality
Pros and Cons Radio, panel game
Ps and Qs Quiz, themed (etiquette)
PSI Panel game
Pub Olympics Radio, panel game
Pub Quiz Comedy panel game
Public Enemy Number One
Public Opinion Panel game
Public Property Reality
Pull the Other One (1) Panel game
Pull the Other One (2) Radio, panel game
Pump it Up Childrens
Punch Line Radio, comedy panel game
Punchlines Family game show
Pure Strength Sports
Ant and Dec's Push the Button Family game show
Pushed to the Limit Action/adventure
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Lifestyle
Puzzle Corner Quiz, general knowledge
Puzzle Panel Panel game, radio
Puzzle Parade Puzzle, childrens
Puzzle Party (1) Childrens
Puzzle Party (2) Educational
Puzzle Trail Childrens
Pwy di Pwy? Decision making, regional (Wales)
Pwy Fase'n Meddwl Panel game
The Pyramid Game Puzzle
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