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[[Zoe Ball|Ball, Zoe]]
[[Zoe Ball|Ball, Zoe]]
[[Pamela Ballentine|Ballentine, Pamela]]
[[Pamela Ballantine|Ballantine, Pamela]]
[[Duncan Bannatyne|Bannatyne, Duncan]]
[[Duncan Bannatyne|Bannatyne, Duncan]]

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B is for... Blockbusters - The first UK quiz to be broadcast six days a week.


Title Genre
Babble Panel game
Baby Ballroom Variety
The Bachelor Dating, Reality
Bacha Hi O'Ma Dating
Back in the Day Quiz, themed (recent history)
Back to Bass Regional (West) quiz, themed (pop music)
Back to the Drawing Board Technological
Back to Reality Reality
Back to the Present Quiz, themed (history)
Backdate Quiz, themed (history)
Bad Lads Army Reality
The Balloon Game Panel game
Balls Regional (Northwest) quiz, themed (sport)
Balls of Steel Hidden camera show
Bamboozle Stunt/dare show
Bamzooki Childrens
Bankraider Quiz, general knowledge
Banter Radio, panel game
Banzai Stunt/dare show
Bar Wars Reality
Bardbrain of Britain Quiz, themed (Shakespeare)
Bare Necessities Action/adventure
Bargain Hunt Lifestyle
The Bargain Hunters Lifestyle
The Barmy Army Game Show Regional (Granada) quiz, themed (sports)
The Baron Reality
Basil's Game Show Childrens
Battle of the Brains Team quiz
Battle of the Geeks Technology
BBC Gardener of the Year Lifestyle
BBC2 Film Competition Variety
Beachmate Dating
Beat That, Einstein Technological
Beat the Boss Childrens
Beat the Clock Stunt/dare show
Beat the Crusher Stunt/dare show
Beat the Cyborgs Childrens
Beat the Dealer Lifestyle
Beat the Expert Lifestyle
Beat the Kids Radio, comedy panel game
Beat the Nation Quiz, general knowledge
Beat the Record Radio quiz, themed (music)
Beat the Star Stunt/dare show
Beat the Streets Quiz, general knowledge
Beat the Teacher Childrens
Beat Your Neighbour Quiz, regional (South of England]]
Beauty and the Geek Reality
Beg, Borrow or Steal Quiz, general knowledge
Best Band West Music, regional (West of England)
Best Inventions Technological
Best of Brass Variety
Best of Friends Childrens
Best of the Worst Comedy panel game
The Best Possible Taste Lifestyle
The Best Show in the World... Probably Comedy panel game (advertising)
Bet You Didn't Know General knowledge quiz, regional (North West)
(Carol Vorderman's) Better Gardens Lifestyle
(Carol Vorderman's) Better Homes Lifestyle
Beyond the Three R's Quiz, academic
Big Art Challenge Educational
The Big Big Talent Show Variety
(Vorderman's) Big Brain Game Puzzle
Big Break Sports
The Big Breakfast Variety
Big Brother Reality
Big Bumper Science Quiz Quiz, themed (science)
The Big Call Quiz, general knowledge
The Big Dish Children's
The Big Country Quest
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year Quiz, themed (recent events)
The Big Finish Quiz, themed (recent events)
Big Game TV Puzzle
The Big Idea Technological
The Big Money Experiment see: 100 Grand in 100 Minutes
The National Lottery Big 7 General knowledge quiz
The National Lottery Big Ticket Stunt/dare show
The Big Quiz Radio, general knowledge quiz
The Biggest Game in Town Family game show
The Biggest Loser UK Lifestyle, reality
BingoLotto Bingo, lottery
Bingo Night Live Bingo, interactive
The Biz Quiz Quiz, specialist subjects
The Blame Game Panel game
Blank Screen Puzzle
Blankety Blank Family game show
Blind Date Dating show
Blingo'r Bwci Betting, regional (Wales)
The Block Lifestyle
Blockbusters Quiz, academic
Blue Peter Various
The Board Game Radio quiz, themed (business)
Bob's Full House Quiz, general knowledge
Bob's Your Uncle Family game show
Body Heat Sports
Bognor or Bust Comedy panel game (news)
Bollywood or Bust Quiz, themed (films)
Booked! Radio quiz, themed (literary)
The Book Game Quiz, themed (literature)
The Book Quiz Panel game (literature)
Boot Sale Challenge Lifestyle
Boot Sale Treasure Hunt Lifestyle
Born Lucky Family game show
Born to Win Sports
Box Clever Quiz, general knowledge
Box' Em In Quiz, general knowledge, regional (Wales)
Boxing Academy Sports
Boys and Girls Stunt/dare show
Brainbox Challenge Quiz
Brainchild Childrens
The Brain Drain Panel game
The Brain Game Quiz, general knowledge
Brain-Jitsu Quiz, Childrens
Brain of Britain Radio, Quiz, general knowledge
Brain of Sport Radio, quiz, themed (sport)
Brain of the Border Regional, quiz
The Brains Trust Panel game
Brainstorm Quiz, themed (science)
Brainteaser Puzzle
Brainwave Quiz, general knowledge
Break with the Boss Business
Breaking Into Tesco Business, lifestyle
Y Briodas Fawr Reality, regional (Wales)
Bright Sparks Childrens, regional (Northern Ireland)
Bring Me the Head of Light Entertainment Comedy panel game
Britain's Best Dish Lifestyle, cookery
Britain's Brainiest Quiz, general knowledge
Britain's Got Talent Variety
Britain's Hardest Action/adventure
Britain's Missing Top Model Reality
Britain's Next Top Model Reality
Britain's Psychic Challenge Reality
Britain's Sexiest Variety
Britain's Top Dog Lifestyle
Britain's Toughest Family Action/adventure
Britain's Worst Lifestyle
Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver Live! Reality, lifestyle
Britain's Worst Driver Lifestyle
Bruce Forsyth's Big Night Variety
Bruce's Price is Right Lifestyle
A Brush with Fame Lifestyle
Bwyd ar y Bocs Reality (cookery), childrens, regional (Wales)
Building the Dream Lifestyle, reality
Bull! Radio comedy panel game (lying)
Bullionaire Stunt/dare show
Bullseye Sports
Bump 'N' Grind Variety
Buried Treasure (Fully Booked) Childrens
Burn Your Bills Regional (Scotland)
The Bunker: Crisis Command Puzzle
Busman's Holiday Quiz, themed (geography)
Bury Your Hatchet Family game show
Bwlletin Quiz, news, regional (Wales)
Bygones Comedy panel game (nostalgia)
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