Weaver's Week

Weaver's Week 2019-12-01

Each week, Iain Weaver gives us a take on the week's game show programmes and related news.

A companion guide to game shows on TV for the coming week is also published on a regular basis, usually on Thursdays.

Date Topics
1st December 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019
24th November 2019 Weaver's Decade 5 - Craft shows and children's shows
17th November 2019 Killer Camp
10th November 2019 Gay Byrne; Cooking Up a Fortune; Your Room or Mine


2019 archive

Date Topics
3rd November 2019 Weaver's Decade 4 - Talent shows
27th October 2019 Headhunters and The Wall
20th October 2019 Snackmasters, Pasapalabra, and Der Quiz-Champion
13th October 2019 Weaver's Decade 3 - Quizzes
6th October 2019 Three German shows
29th September 2019 Supermarket Sweep, Chwilio am Seren
22nd September 2019 Weaver's Decade 2 - Reality shows
15th September 2019 The Cash Machine, Mastermind
8th September 2019 The Chefs' Brigade, Step Up to the Plate
1st September 2019 Weaver's Decade 1 - Cookery shows
25th August 2019 Jade Goody: a documentary
18th August 2019 Shipmates
11th August 2019 Eurovision Choirs 2019
4th August 2019 The Great Garden Challenge
28th July 2019 Kirstie's Celebrity Craft Masters
21st July 2019 The Career of Alex Trebek (part two)
14th July 2019 The Career of Alex Trebek (part one)
7th July 2019 The Family Brain Games
30th June 2019 Beat the Chef; Countdown final
23rd June 2019 Popmaster; The Hit List
16th June 2019 The Mastermind final
9th June 2019 Got Talent?
2nd June 2019 There's Something About Movies; Gameshow of Thrones
26th May 2019 Eurovision Song Contest: final
19th May 2019 Eurovision Song Contest: semi-final
12th May 2019 Curiosity; The Hangover Games
5th May 2019 Only Connect final; In for a Penny
28th April 2019 University Challenge final; Blockbusters
21st April 2019 Catchpoint
14th April 2019 Race Across the World
7th April 2019 Hypothetical; Al Murray's Pub Quiz; Glow Up
31st March 2019 Wonderball
24th March 2019 Y Siambr
17th March 2019 Test Drive; Wie is de Mol final
10th March 2019 Rhannu; How Not to be a Millionaire
3rd March 2019 The Greatest Dancer
24th February 2019 Countdown: the road to 151
17th February 2019 Small Fortune
10th February 2019 Eurovision You Decide - it's Michael Rice
3rd February 2019 Un Cwestiwn; Wie is de Mol?
27th January 2019 The Countdown Championship of Champions, Poll of the Year
20th January 2019 Celebrity Game Night
13th January 2019 The festive period recap

2018 archive

Date Topics
30th December 2018 The Week of the Year
16th December 2018 Dianc
9th December 2018 Beat the Internet
2nd December 2018 Junior Eurovision 2018
25th November 2018 I'll Get This
18th November 2018 The Time it Takes
11th November 2018 For Facts Sake, Big Brother on 5
4th November 2018 Don't Hate the Playaz
28th October 2018 ITV4 Chooseday: Take the Tower, Football Genius
21st October 2018 The Circle
14th October 2018 Chwilio am Seren Junior Eurovision; Y Ras
7th October 2018 Chase the Case; Gareth Malone's All Star Music Quiz
30th September 2018 Sorry voor Alles, the Golden Rose winner
23rd September 2018 How to learn Dutch through game shows
16th September 2018 University Challenge and gender-neutral questions
9th September 2018 Evil Monkeys; Call Yourself a Fan
2nd September 2018 The Crystal Maze: all the games reviewed
26th August 2018 Eurovision Young Musicians
19th August 2018 True Love or True Lies; Paradise Run; Gino's Win Your Wish List
12th August 2018 We do want to give you that - The Life and Career of Chris Tarrant (part two)
5th August 2018 Today is... - The Life and Career of Chris Tarrant (part one)
29th July 2018 Oci Oci Oci
22th July 2018 Pwy 'dy Bos y Gegin?!, Hard Quiz
15th July 2018 When we last thought football was coming home...
8th July 2018 Best Junior Doctors, Crystal Maze
1st July 2018 World Cup Countdown
24th June 2018 Countdown finals
17th June 2018 Best Home Cook; Buy It Now
10th June 2018 Hardball, and other daytime shows
3rd June 2018 Revolution; Carnage
27th May 2018 The Button
20th May 2018 Eurovision Song Contest grand final
13th May 2018 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals
6th May 2018 Only Connect; Ready or Not
29th April 2018 Dale Winton, star of the stars
22nd April 2018 I Don't Like Mondays; Change Your Tune; Tenable app
15th April 2018 The Generation Game; Star Boot Sale
8th April 2018 The 2018 Mastermind final
1st April 2018 Swashbuckle
25th March 2018 Punchlines and 3-2-1 from 1983
18th March 2018 Jim Bowen; What Would Your Kid Do?
11th March 2018 All Together Now
4th March 2018 Prosiect Z
25th February 2018 Last Commanders
18th February 2018 Spy School
11th February 2018 Destination Eurovision You Decide
4th February 2018 Britain's Brightest Family, The Wave
28th January 2018 And They're Off For Sport Relief
21st January 2018 Wedding Day Winners
14th January 2018 Raven
7th January 2018 The Price is Right

2017 archive

Date Topics
31st December 2017 The Week of the Year 2017
17th December 2017 Keith Chegwin
10th December 2017 Armchair Detectives
3rd December 2017 Junior Eurovision 2017
26th November 2017 The Weakest Link; Don't Say It, Bring It
19th November 2017 Sing
12th November 2017 Pigo dy Drwyn
5th November 2017 The Big Family Cooking Showdown
29th October 2017 Jigsaw - An Origin Story
22nd October 2017 The Crystal Maze
15th October 2017 Bromans
8th October 2017 Cannonball
1st October 2017 William G. Stewart - The People's Quizzer
24th September 2017 Richard Osman's House of Games
17th September 2017 Lego Masters
10rd September 2017 Streetmate, Dress to Impress
3rd September 2017 Partners in Rhyme
27th August 2017 Cheap Cheap Cheap
20th August 2017 Sale of the (last) Century - The Life and Career of Nicholas Parsons (part two)
13th August 2017 Just a Minute! - The Life and Career of Nicholas Parsons (part one)
6th August 2017 Letterbox
30th July 2017 Pitch Battle, Eurovision Choir of the Year
23rd July 2017 Blind Date on Channel 5
16th July 2017 David Dickinson's Name Your Price
9th July 2017 Celebability
2nd July 2017 Your Face or Mine, Countdown finals
25th June 2017 Cythrel Canu, Curious Creatures
18th June 2017 The Wall Face au Mur
11th June 2017 Bigheads
4th June 2017 Don't Ask Me Ask The Viewing Public
28th May 2017 Babushka
21st May 2017 Eurovision Song Contest final
14th May 2017 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals
7th May 2017 The Boss
30th April 2017 Culinary Genius
23rd April 2017 Tattoo Artist, Me and My Dog
16th April 2017 University Challenge, Bracket Genius
9th April 2017 Only Connect, MIPCOM
2nd April 2017 The Voice
26th March 2017 5 Gold Rings
19th March 2017 Game of Clones, Alien Fun Capsule
12th March 2017 Remotely Funny, The Home Game
5th March 2017 The Mastermind Final
26th February 2017 Let It Shine
19th February 2017 The Fake News Show
12th February 2017 The Big Spell
5th February 2017 Dance Dance Dance
29th January 2017 Eurovision You Decide
22nd January 2017 International students and University Challenge
15th January 2017 !mpossible
8th January 2017 Christmas shows

2016 archive

Date Topics
1st January 2017 The Week of the Year 2016
18th December 2016 The Crystal Maze Live
11th December 2016 Tenable
4th December 2016 The X Factor (2016)
27th November 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016
20th November 2016 Sorry, I Didn't Know; Fferm Ffactor; The Apprentice
13th November 2016 The Life and Career of Bruce Forsyth (part two)
6th November 2016 The Life and Career of Bruce Forsyth (part one)
30th October 2016 Meet the Parents
23rd October 2016 Go 8 Bit
16th October 2016 My Kitchen Rules
9th October 2016 Go For It
2nd October 2016 Top Class
25th September 2016 Debatable
18th September 2016 "Breadxit means breadxit, and they're going to make a success of it"
11th September 2016 500 Questions
4th September 2016 Taking The Next Step
28th August 2016 Alphabetical, Spotless
21st August 2016 American shows and fast quizzes
14th August 2016 Cash Trapped
7th August 2016 Master of Photography
31st July 2016 Baking in the Dark
24th July 2016 The Question Jury
17th July 2016 It's Not Me, It's You
10th July 2016 Did Angus Deayton cause Brexit? (Spoiler: No.)
3rd July 2016 Britain's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds
26th June 2016 UK's Best Part Time Band, Countdown finals
19th June 2016 Game On
12th June 2016 Eurovision questions, and the world's best quizzer
5th June 2016 Reg Grundy
29th May 2016 The Code
22nd May 2016 Eurovision Song Contest final
15th May 2016 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals
8th May 2016 Drive
1st May 2016 Bang on the Money
24th April 2016 Six cookery shows
17th April 2016 Think Tank
10th April 2016 Can't Touch This
3rd April 2016 Mastermind final
27th March 2016 Paul Daniels
20th March 2016 Pocket Money Pitch, Airmageddon
13th March 2016 Got What It Takes?
6th March 2016 Masterpiece, Bad Language
28th February 2016 Eurovision You Decide
21st February 2016 The Getaway Car, Eurovision voting changes
14th February 2016 Insert Name Here, BBC3 remembered
7th February 2016 Terry Wogan - an appreciation
31st January 2016 Lip Sync Battle UK
24th January 2016 Only Connect final, Countdown Championship of Champions
17th January 2016 For What It's Worth
10th January 2016 Race to Escape

2015 archive

Date Topics
3rd January 2016 The Week of the Year 2015
20th December 2015 Television's Toughest Quiz
13th December 2015 Humble Pie, Money Pit
6th December 2015 Bring the Noise, Welsh shows
29th November 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest
22nd November 2015 Pick Me!, children's television
15th November 2015 Eternal Glory
8th November 2015 US shows: Best Time Ever, Hellevator
1st November 2015 Deal or No Deal at 10
25th October 2015 Blink, The Ten Million Club
18th October 2015 The Totally Senseless Gameshow, Funz and Gamez
11th October 2015 Hive Minds final, Almost Impossible Gameshow, MIPCOM
4th October 2015 Y Gemau Gwyllt, Rhestr, BBC at Eurovision
27th September 2015 One Hundred and Eighty
20th September 2015 6 Degrees of Separation; Now Play This
13th September 2015 Taskmaster
6th September 2015 5 Star Family Reunion
30th August 2015 Freeze Out and Rebound
23rd August 2015 Flockstars and BBQ Champ
16th August 2015 Guess This House and Hello Campers
9th August 2015 Cilla Black
2nd August 2015 Hive Minds
26th July 2015 King of the Nerds
19th July 2015 Big Brother and Love Island
12th July 2015 Cult television
5th July 2015 Prized Apart
28th June 2015 The Box; crowdfunding events
21st June 2015 Benchmark
14th June 2015 Beat the Brain, Countdown finals
7th June 2015 "Bad Show", by Woffinden and Plaskett
31st May 2015 Eurovision Song Contest final
24th May 2015 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals
17th May 2015 From the sky: Relatively Clever, Wild Things
10th May 2015 ITV Super Saturdays: Ninja Warrior UK, Play to the Whistle
3rd May 2015 Decimate
26th April 2015 Brain of Britain final, The Edge
19th April 2015 University Challenge final, The Quizeum
12th April 2015 I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse
5th April 2015 Only Connect final, and series 10 best questions
29th March 2015 Mastermind final; Bear Grylls Mission Survive
22nd March 2015 The Big Painting Challenge
15th March 2015 1000 Heartbeats
8th March 2015 Let's Play Darts for Comic Relief
1st March 2015 Reality Bites
22nd February 2015 Shipping Wars
15th February 2015 Celwydd Noeth
8th February 2015 Get Your Act Together
1st February 2015 Harry Hill's Stars in Their Eyes
25th January 2015 The Fanatics
18th January 2015 Frank Sinatra Our Way
11th January 2015 Win Your Wish List

2014 archive

Date Topics
4th January 2015 The Week of the Year
21st December 2014 The first half of the 2010s
14th December 2014 Parlour games: "country" on Pointless, University Challenge
7th December 2014 It's Academic
30th November 2014 The Great Interior Design Challenge
23rd November 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest
16th November 2014 Strictly Come Dancing and tie-breaks
9th November 2014 Keep It In the Family
2nd November 2014 Pyramid, Munud i Fynd
26th October 2014 Sam and Mark's Sport Showdown
19th October 2014 Which game shows have had the most contestants, worldwide, ever?
12th October 2014 Bad Bridesmaid, Hip Hop Mastermind
5th October 2014 Who's Doing the Dishes?
28th September 2014 Celebrity Squares (2014)
21st September 2014 Tumble, and a celebration of Pointless
14th September 2014 Two Tribes
7th September 2014 Gift Wrapped, Win It Cook It
31st August 2014 21, 31 Questions, Ice cream, and more
24th August 2014 Appalong: The Singer Takes It All, First Person
17th August 2014 Big Brother 15
10th August 2014 Mike Smith
3rd August 2014 Channel 4's Daytime Tat - Ultimate Dealer, French Collection
27th July 2014 Stand By Your Man
20th July 2014 University Challenge: Class of 2014
13th July 2014 Only Connect series 9
6th July 2014 3-2-1 78-81
29th June 2014 Countdown series 70
22nd June 2014 Ctrl Freaks
15th June 2014 Draw It!
8th June 2014 The Link
1st June 2014 Ejector Seat
25th May 2014 "Our Mum ought to be on your show, because she knows everything!" - Daphne Fowler
18th May 2014 Eurovision Song Contest final
11th May 2014 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals
4th May 2014 Amazing Greys, The Guess List
27th April 2014 The 2014 Mastermind final
20rd April 2014 Fifteen-to-One revived
13th April 2014 University Challenge Final 2014
6th April 2014 Catchphrase
30th March 2014 Timeline
23rd March 2014 Battle of the Generations: Hair, OFCOM v Big Brother
16th March 2014 Revenge of the Egghead
9th March 2014 Top and Superstar Dogs
2nd March 2014 Ludus, The Dog Ate My Homework
23rd February 2014 The Taste
16th February 2014 The Jump
9th February 2014 23¾ Years of KYTV (part two)
2nd February 2014 23¾ Years of KYTV (part one)
26th January 2014 Reflex
19th January 2014 Britain's Best Bakery
12th January 2014 Seven Teatime Friends: The Chase, Pointless, Tipping Point

2013 archive

Date Topics
29th December 2013 The Week of the Year
22nd December 2013 Countdown finals, Travis Penery
15th December 2013 Celebrity Squares
8th December 2013 Show Me the Telly
1st December 2013 Sweat the Small Stuff
24th November 2013 Fferm Ffactor
17th November 2013 Pressure Pad
10th November 2013 Prize Island
3rd November 2013 Release the Hounds
27th October 2013 Who Wanted to be a Millionaire?
20th October 2013 Was It Something I Said?
13th October 2013 International Week - Irish Apprentice & Bake Off, MIPCOM
6th October 2013 Roland's Rat Race
29th September 2013 Fifteen-to-One 2013
22nd September 2013 Stepping Out
15th September 2013 Big Star's Little Star
8th September 2013 Supermarket Sweep 1993
1st September 2013 That Puppet Game Show
25th August 2013 Big Brother 2013
18th August 2013 Break the Safe
11th August 2013 Only Connect 7 final, I Love My Country
4th August 2013 Take On the Twisters
28th July 2013 Blue Peter You Decide
21st July 2013 Your Face Sounds Familiar
14th July 2013 The Million Pound Drapp
7th July 2013 Whodunnit
30th June 2013 Countdown finals week, series 68
23rd June 2013 Why does no-one watch Channel 4 daytimes?
16th June 2013 Britain's Got Talent (and a strong throwing arm)
9th June 2013 The DASH puzzle hunt, part 2
2nd June 2013 The DASH puzzle hunt, part 1
26th May 2013 Eurovision Song Contest - final and voting
19th May 2013 Eurovision Song Contest - semi-finals
12th May 2013 DIY Media 3: Knightmare
5th May 2013 The 2013 University Challenge final
28th April 2013 The Price is Right 1984
21st April 2013 Côr Cymru
14th April 2013 Food Glorious Food
7th April 2013 The 2013 Mastermind final
31st March 2013 Beat the Pack
24th March 2013 My Little Princess
17th March 2013 The Common Denominator
10th March 2013 Can i Gymru 2013
3rd March 2013 The Greatest Countdown Player Ever
24th Febuary 2013 Semi-finals week
17th February 2013 Staraoke
10th February 2013 Cheggers Plays Pop
3rd February 2013 Britain's Brightest
27th January 2013 Splash!
20th January 2013 Face the Clock
13th January 2013 Fake Reaction, Only Connect championship of champions

2012 archive

Date Topics
6th January 2013 The Week of the Year
23rd December 2012 Countdown and Only Connect finals
16th December 2012 Bob's Full House
9th December 2012 S4C shows: Y Lifft, Jacpot
2nd December 2012 1001 Things You Should Know
25th November 2012 DIY Media 2: The Line Up
18th November 2012 DIY Media 1: Twenty One Questions Wrong
11th November 2012 Jewish Mum of the Year
4th November 2012 The Indoor League
28th October 2012 Topical quizzes
21st October 2012 Baggage
14th October 2012 Comedy World Cup
7th October 2012 Top Dog Model
30th September 2012 One Man and His Dog
23rd September 2012 Jacques Antoine
16th September 2012 Secret Interview
9th September 2012 Red or Black 2.0
2nd September 2012 Channel 4 comedies - Lucky Sexy Winners, 8 out of 10 Cats Countdown
26th August 2012 Don't Blow the Inheritance
19th August 2012 Big Brother 13
12th August 2012 First Class, Four Square
5th August 2012 The Krypton Factor (1980s versions)
29th July 2012 The Krypton Factor (overseas 90s versions)
22nd July 2012 Tipping Point, Superstar
15th July 2012 Kitchen Wars, Let's Get Gold
8th July 2012 "Is there a picture round?"
1st July 2012 Countdown's 66th finals week
24th June 2012 The Exclusives, Aibisidh, A Short History of Everything Else
17th June 2012 Love Shaft, Britain Unzipped, Scream Extreme
10th June 2012 Backdate and Today's the Day
3rd June 2012 Eurovision Song Contest final
27th May 2012 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals
20th May 2012 The Voice UK
13th May 2012 Mastermind final
6th May 2012 "I can't see what I've got to do!" - Total Blackout from Norway
29th April 2012 School of Hard Sums
22nd April 2012 Wordaholics, Just a Minute
15th April 2012 Breakaway
8th April 2012 The Weakest Link says "Goodbye"
1st April 2012 Forthcoming Attractions
25th March 2012 University Challenge final
18th March 2012 The Mad Bad Ad Show
11th March 2012 Fixtures of broadcasting - Countdown, Brain of Britain
4th March 2012 The $64,000 Question
26th February 2012 Jedward's Big Adventure
19th February 2012 Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge
12th February 2012 A Question of Taste
5th February 2012 The Exit List
29th January 2012 Celebrity Big Brother for 2012
22nd January 2012 The Bank Job
15th January 2012 Bob Holness; Raise the Roof
8th January 2012 The Only Connect Championship of Champions of Champions

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